All you need to know about AOSA Miracle Infusion Dual Cream

Have you been thinking about ordering the Aosa Dermarssance Miracle Infusion Dual Cream but not sure where to begin? Team Eunogo to the rescue! We have done all the research so you can sit back, relax, and read all about your newest #skinvestment:

What is AOSA Dermarssance?

AOSA Dermarssance is a Korean derma-cosmetic brand, part of the HNCOSKIN company, and their Cell Bio Cosmetic Line uses the Transdermal Delivery System to effectively deliver functional ingredients to the deeper layers of the skin. Active ingredients are safely and efficiently delivered through the liposome skin barrier, allowing for nutrient-rich cleansing. With technology that allows live probiotics to be delivered to your microbiome, this same technology is transferred into the AOSA system, helping dermacosmetics to deliver effective ingredients that are usually difficult to absorb by the skin. Moreover, after years of R&D to ensure proper efficacy, AOSA has now introduced human stem cell culture as an active ingredient to their skincare line.

You may have already be using their bestselling products from Eunogoshop such as the HighPrime Collagen Film & Mist Kit or the Black Power All-In-One Cleanser.  

How effective is Human Stem Cell Culture in skincare?

In order to answer this question we have to understand that stem cells can come from both plant and animal-based sources. In both cases (plant and animal) the stem cells are generally used in skincare to generate cell turnover. Research on both types of stem cells is useful to help understand how bodies and cell systems grow, develop, and repair or replace themselves once they are damaged, which is how these cells come into play as a form of cell regeneration and turnover in dermacosmetics.

There are two main types of animal stem cells: embryonic/umbilical and adult.  In the case of AOSA’s Dual Cream, the cells are umbilical, meaning they were collected at birth, through umbilical cord clamping, and are also donated with consent for scientific research purposes. Overall studies done since the early 2000s in South Korea have confirmed that cosmetics containing human stem cell culture medium are cosmetic products based on the main ingredients being obtained through human stem cell culture, and can be defined as having the effect of recovering skin health, skin regeneration, and delaying aging of skin cells. You can read more about stem cells here and more on studies done on stem cell efficacy in dermacosmetics here.  

Why is it so pricey?  

Great question! This is an excellent point to take into consideration as you look at the price point of human stem cell based products. Because Research & Development (R&D) takes so many years and millions of dollars to conduct so the skincare company can get it “just right,” that usually translates into a higher cost for the dermacosmetics once they are on the market. Hopefully, as the technology continues to advance and become more mainstream, the price will become more and more accessible.   

What Makes the Miracle Infusion Dual Cream so special?

Besides the use of umbilical stem cell culture USC-1994-LS as an active and functional ingredient, the Dual Cream is special because it has two components which you can experiment with and mix and match to find the perfect balance for you. The Nourishing Cream gel with 40,000PPM (parts per million) stem cell solution and the Wrinkle Care Cream with 5,000PPM stem cell solution combine with nano-liposomes to increase absorbability and create a luxurious, velvet texture. These two components work together to not only protect and strengthen your skin barrier, but also to provide radiance, hydration, and, best of all, anti-wrinkle benefits.  

In addition to the 89 different proteins and growth factor found in the stem cell culture, AOSA Dual Cream also contains proven botanical ingredients like Propolis Extracts for skin cell activation, restoration and soothing, Grape Seed Oil to Improve skin radiance and prevent oxidative damage, and Meadowfoam Seed Oil to support the skin barrier and suppress evaporation of active ingredients.

What is the most effective way to use the Dual Cream?

If you are concerned about skin elasticity and fine wrinkles in addition to wanting glowing and radiant skin, we suggest using the Nourishing cream and Wrinkle Care cream at an equal 5:5 ratio) on the back of your hand. Then, mix them together and gently apply to your skin by gently tapping with fingertips to increase blood flow and aid absorption.  

If you are hoping to correct tired skin or your face feels especially dry, combine Nourishing cream and Wrinkle Care cream in a 7:3 ratio to the back of your hand. Then, as before, mix them together and gently apply to your skin by gently tapping with fingertips to increase blood flow and aid absorption. 

Can I use the Dual Cream to spot treat a problem area?

Absolutely! Dab the 5,000PPM Wrinkle Cream around your eyes before bedtime for an overnight boost for your crows-feet and under the brow bone. Our colleague in the Korea office uses the 40,000PPM Nourishing Cream all over her neck now that the weather is getting colder in Seoul. The best part about this product is you can experiment and mix-and-match the amount of the Dual Creams to find the best balance for you.