Aill Creamy Mist Serum


Another favourite from Aill, this Creamy Mist Serum is also a multi-use product. The Creamy Mist Serum not only hydrates the skin, but also acts like a serum to provide your skin with nutrients. It has the perfect texture: A watery yet creamy texture that keeps the skin hydrated without being sticky. It can be used anytime, day or night and on top of makeup.

Aill is a premium home care beauty brand that is dedicated to creating beauty products that not only make you look good, but also provide skincare benefits. Their slogan is "To fill the skin with health", and all their products are dermatologist-tested and non-irritation certified. 


    Aill Creamy Mist Serum is for all skin types. It hydrates the skin while providing it with nutrients to enrich the skin. You can use this anytime during the day when moisture is needed.

    Size: 100ml

    How to Use

    1. For light hydration: After covering your eyes, hold the mist serum 20cm away and spray on your face. Let it absorb naturally or lightly pat to promote absorption.
    2. For deep hydration: Layer it on by spraying it onto the face several times, and use it as a sleeping mask.


    • Edelweiss Flower Extract
      • High antioxidant content, twice as much as that of vitamin C
      • Improves skin firmness
      • Skin rejuvenation
      • Builds skin barrier
    • 17 Different Types of Amino Acids
      • Deeply hydrates the skin from within
      • Helps retain moisture
    • Yellow Flower Complex
      • Keeps skin moist and bouncy
      • Gives the skin a bright and healthy appearance
    • Various Herbs
      • Improves skin elasticity


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