Afraid of Needles? Check out how Needleless Hyaluronic Acid "Injection" works

Zhenia from Eunogo decided to try a Needleless Hyaluronic Acid Injection Facial in Singapore. Check out her in-depth review!

I have a confession to make. Even though I work in an industry that wouldn’t think twice about trying the latest new injectable, I am really afraid of having a needle go anywhere near my face. REALLY. AFRAID. Believe me, I get the irony of this, I do. Especially when I look in the mirror at my 37 year old skin which has seen intervention only in the form of high-end Korean face masks, mid-range skincare lines, and SPF. So much SPF.


So when I heard about Cheongdam Korean Skin Management’s “Needleless Nano” facial, my ears perked up – is this for real? You’re telling me you can plump up my skin without actually seeing a syringe get near my face? Sign me up!

First of all, let me explain: Cheongdam is the first and only clinic in Singapore to use the DiNa needleless nanotechnology. This cutting-edge Japanese machine (and Cheongdam’s only non-Korean technology) uses a high pressure ejector gun combined with supersonic components to help deliver active ingredients from nanonized formulated serums such as Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C and Baby Serum through the deep dermal layer of the skin without the use of a needle.

You can watch the video above to see what the jet-puffs sound like and see how it works. The depth is controllable measuring between 0.2mm to 3mm. The serum will penetrate into the skin and allow cells to absorb the active ingredients contained within these vital nutrients to supplement moisture and nutrients for the skin, which makes skin smooth, moist and energetic. Got that? OK! Let’s go! 

The first steps of the Needleless Nano Facial are: 

1. Double Cleansing

2. Gentle face exfoliation and face massage

3. Needleless Nano “Injection” - I have chosen the Hyaluronic Acid ampoule to be delivered to the lower layers of my skin via the high-pressure injector gun. This will improve and refine skin tissue to obtain firmness and a bouncy effect.

    Watch the “magic” take place almost immediately – can you see the difference between the side of my face that has been treated and the one that hasn’t? Not only is it visually obvious, but I could actually feel it when I smiled. The cheek that had been treated felt supple and springy!

    4. After my needleless “injection” the beautician “stamps” my face. This stamp has microneedles that feel like an intense face massage. This type of stamp microneedling is a gentle version of MTS, which creates tiny shocks to your epidermis that, when healing, create new younger skin cells. I actually found it really enjoyable and was told that’s the first time they’ve ever heard anyone say that about the stamping. Ha! Maybe I am not as afraid as I thought I was!

    5. The second to last step is a fabulous cooling mask applied to the face. The mask is quite thick and weighty, which is calming and soothing. I actually fell asleep for a while until it was time to remove it. Bliss.

    6. The final step is applying moisturizer and SPF to my face before I go, with the instructions to make sure to use high SPF for the next week after treatment (don’t forget you should be doing this on the daily too!).


      My face was glowing right after the procedure, although I had a bit of redness from the stamping – not a huge deal! My skin felt very hydrated for the duration of the following two weeks. I wore mostly SPF with no additional coverage and it felt very liberating.

      While Cheongdam Korean Skin Management recommends the Needleless Nano facial once a month, it is fair to say that the length of results will vary based on your lifestyle. I can tell you that the moisture was very welcome, as I work out a lot and very intensely nearly every day. In fact, I am surprised the results lasted as long as they did considering the fact that I do HIIT workouts 5-6 times/week and the weekends are spent running around after my two kids outdoors. It is very easy to get dehydrated through the combination of workouts and the punishing Singapore heat, so the fact that I got a whole two weeks of great results with this facial are noteworthy.

      Price Information 

      Needleless Nano Injection Facial is S$480 per session. You can choose either Hyaluronic Acid (HA) or Vitamin C Serum option. There is a 2-for-1 special promotion for customers who book via Eunogo, meaning you can get 2 sessions of Needleless Nano Injection Facial for 1 session price (S$518) or share it with a friend! Promotion is valid for limited period.

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