All About the Ceramine Pure Collagen Mesh Mask

A dry mask made with lifting threads and 100% plant-based collagen? That’s right: this is a mask where you can see the results almost immediately, especially in terms of lifting and brightening. The patented twist web system also allows for the removal of dead skin cells while dissolving collagen and other active ingredients into your skin. Not sure how to use it?

Team Eunogo put together an “All You Need To Know” primer about the Ceramine Pure Collagen Mesh Masks so you can get to know the latest and greatest in our lineup of Ceramine products:

It's a Dry Sheet Mask? That’s Unusual!

We agree! We have yet to spot a similar dry sheet mask on the market, which makes it a cool new and unusual product. The Pure Collagen Mesh Mask is in a dry form because it uses hydrolyzed collagen. What is hydrolyzed collagen?  Simply put, hydrolyzed collagen is the use of particular collagen peptides where the molecular weight is small enough to be easily absorbed by your skin. Once rehydrated, the hydrolyzed collagen begins its absorption process.  

What are the benefits of the Pure Collagen Mesh Mask?

Besides the obvious benefit of collagen replenishment for our daily-aging skin, the number one effect customers report seeing after removal is the lifting effect: collagen mesh threads gently lift up while melting into your skin resulting in lifting effect. There is also the benefit of mild exfoliation and pore control. As you remove the dried mesh, it also takes with it dead skin cells, oils and dirt and clears your pores. Finally, broccoli extract promotes clear and even-toned skin, with visible brightening effect post use. Beauty Tip: a Eunogo colleague uses these masks the night before a photoshoot or filming videos for posting on social media - the post mask lift and glow is real!

How is this mask different from other collagen based products?

Take a close look at the back of your hand and notice the skin structure. See how your skin looks textured, almost like bricks and mortar keeping them together? Now look at the texture of the Pure Collagen Mesh Mask. Does it remind you of anything? Indeed, the lifting power and collagen absorption is maximized by the fact that the mesh mimics the actual texture of our own skin.

Additionally, we love that the collagen source in this mask is 100% plant based, and can be used guilt free by anyone who is looking to use less animal-based products, or is pregnant or breastfeeding. The key ingredients include hydrolyzed collagen for skin recovery, regeneration, antioxidants, hydrolyzed silk for skin elasticity and improving complexion, and natto gum, a fermented ingredient that enhances skin microbiome, and helps retain hydration.  

Is it safe for sensitive skin?

The Ceramine Pure Collagen Mesh Mask is good to use for all skin types including oily, combo, dry and normal skin. Best of all, it is pregnancy/breast-feeding friendly. However, Ceramine advises NOT to use this product if you have atopy or rosacea.

How do I use it?

1. After cleansing, do not towel dry your face.

2. Open the package and attach the smooth coated side of the mask to your wet face. 

3. Apply the bottom sheet first and use it to “lift” up your V-line. 

4. Then apply the top. Continue to wet your face with water to help it adhere properly and smoothly to your skin.

Beauty Tip: those with smaller faces may find it easier to trim the top sheet so there isn’t overlap of the mask with your hairline. 

5. Give it 15 minutes to dry and then wet your face again, to make sure any leftover collagen has absorbed.

6. Gently remove after 15 minutes when mesh mask is completely dry.

Beauty Tip: Some people allow the mask to dry and then wet their face to make sure all the collagen has been absorbed. So if you want to wet your face again, wait another 10-15 minutes for the mask to dry completely.

7. Wipe off any residue with your favorite toner (we love the Ceramine Dual Balance Solution Toner) and finish with your daily cream (Ceramine Time Solution Cream works spectacularly well after this mask).

You can purchase the Ceramine Toner and Cream as a Set here.


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