All You Need to Know About Niacinamide

This powerhouse nutrient is best known for its skin brightening properties, but did you know that Niacinamide also keeps your skin barrier healthy, protects against sun damage, and more? Well, if you didn't know, we will take you on an “All You Need to Know About Niacinamide” journey. All aboard!

First of all, what is Niacinamide? 

Niacinamide (not to be confused with Niacin) is a type of B3 Vitamin, and is also sometimes referred to as nicotinamide. This is an essential nutrient for our bodies and is vital to kidney, brain and skin health. It is a water-soluble vitamin, which means it can be suspended in liquid, usually water when it comes to skincare, and remains very effective. The latest research indicates it may even be helpful in treating acne and eczema, and especially effective for those with sensitive skin.

Why is Niacinamide so Popular?

One of the most impressive things about this ingredient is that it single handedly can address so many skin concerns in one go. Much research has been conducted to back up what many have known about niacinamide for years: it can minimize pores, improve pore laxity, brighten and perk up uneven skin tone, soften the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, erase dullness from your complexion, and strengthen a weakened skin barrier. This last part about the skin barrier is especially important, as it can help fight against premature aging and reverse some already existent skin damage from the sun. That’s a lot of work for such a small molecule! 

Moreover, this is an ingredient that doesn’t have contraindications with other active ingredients in skincare. So, for example, if you are using retinol, peptides, peels, other vitamin-based ingredients like Vitamin C, or even peels like AHA, BHA and PHA, you will be able to use Niacinamide without any additional sensitivity. Hurray!

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Can Niacinamide Brighten and Even Out my Hyperpigmentation?

Research has proven Niacinamide to be very effective at treating hyperpigmentation (excess and uneven distribution of melanin on the skin’s surface). When looking at a product that helps with this issue, Team Eunogo suggests finding skincare where Niacinamide has a concentration of 5% or higher. When the concentration is at higher levels, the vitamin keeps new discoloration from appearing as well as breaking apart existing melanin concentration/discoloration so that it evens out your skin tone. 

Can I Eat My Way to Healthy Skin?

Maybe! Natural sources of Niacinamide include eggs, leafy green vegetables like kale and chard, beans, fish, and dairy products such as milk or yogurt. However, there is no guarantee that the amount of food you are eating will result in a brighter complexion, so we highly recommend supplementing your B3 diet with some skincare that can actually target exactly the parts of your face where you’d like to see some change. 

Should I try Niacinamide?

Because Vitamin B3 and Niacinamide are naturally found and created, respectively, in our bodies through food sources, it is unlikely that one would have an adverse reaction to a product with Niacinamide in it. In our opinion, because this ingredient is so effective at improving your skin tone and helping counteract the effects of aging, it is a no-brainer! As always, Team Eunogo encourages you to conduct a patch test on your skin first, and, once there is no reaction, go ahead and start beautifying your face! Here’s a tip - If you want to maximize effect, try using a product with a high concentration of Niacinamide along with Hyaluronic Acid, as the two paid well together to increase absorption in the skin. 

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