Meet Christina, Intuitive Ceremonialist Sharing Her Self-Care Routine

Team Eunogo sat down with Christina Michele Rios, one of our EunogoShop clients - an Intuitive Ceremonialist, Wellness Brand Strategist and Storyteller based in Singapore, to talk all things "self-care" and balance.

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Please tell us about yourself

My name is Christina Michele Rios. I am a multi-hyphenate, I am an Intuitive Ceremonialist, Brand Strategist and Writer based in Singapore. As an Intuitive Ceremonialist, I work with private clients 1-on-1 to help them remember their soul’s purpose and experience inner peace through releasing what does not serve them. I utilise a variety of tools and modalities that I am certified in: intuitive readings, meditation, sound healing, flower essences, breathwork (pranayama), aromatherapy, ancient rituals and reiki. I believe that we are our own healer and possess the innate ability to heal ourselves through balancing layers of mind, body and spirit. As a Brand Strategist and Writer, I work with Wellness Brands, telling their story online in a way that emotionally resonates with their target audience.

Photo Credit & Copyright: Alexandra Wolf

Why is Self-Care Important to you? Why should Self-Care be important to everyone?

In a world where women are raised and encouraged to put everything and everyone before themselves – pushing their needs and wants to the back burner, I find it increasingly important to rewire our consciousness to fill our own cups first – without feeling guilt It is then, from this space of having a ‘full cup,’ we can give to others from a place of overflow. After all, we cannot pour from an empty cup! It depletes us, leaving us resentful, drained, detached from our innermost layers (heart & soul) and can lead to more serious emotional and spiritual imbalances. These internal imbalances then reflect outwardly and become visible in our actions, relationships – and even literally ON our faces. Frankly, it ages us! 

Photo Credit & Copyright: Alexandra Wolf

Self-care is an integral aspect of shifting the narrative and reprogramming ourselves to go inwards and identify what we really need to feel balanced and whole, first and foremost. It is a time to nurture our ‘inner goddess.’ It deepens our connection to self, allows us to feel recharged and grateful; providing necessary space to slow down and nurture the relationship with self. 

When we prioritise self-care, we experience self-love. In turn, this creates more harmony in our daily lives. It improves our health, well-being and energy levels. I believe it's the secret to a healthy life full of longevity. Self-care is multi-layered and should be approached from a mind, body and spirit standpoint. After all, we are holistic beings that are composed of mind, body and spirit! How are you nourishing all 3 of your layers? And what do all 3 need to feel balanced?

Is there a specific time of the day you prefer to do self-care? 

I truly aim to nourish myself with self-care rituals all day. From the food I eat, to the skincare I use, to my pajamas, bedding, sleep, inner-voice, relationships and schedule. I try to be as conscious and mindful as possible with my decisions, honouring and prioritising what is best for my mind, body and spirit. 

What types of products do you use for self-care?

One thing I have discovered throughout my skincare journey is that “natural” or “organic” isn’t always better for our skin. I went through a period of years where I only used an arsenal of both affordable and expensive natural products and to my surprise, I didn’t see major improvements. More times than not, I was left disappointed. 

Fast forward to today, I have discovered what works best for my own unique biology and skin. I use a mix of innovative products that have been tried and tested – generally ones recommended by friends with great skin – and my own DIY homemade products, made in my kitchen.

Photo Credit & Copyright: Christina Michele Rios

<Christina using Ceramine Aqua Chamaecyparis Obtusa Leaf Mask Pack>

In 2021, I switched my entire skincare regimen to K-beauty products from EunogoShop and never looked back. I love that EunogoShop carries brands that aestheticians and plastic surgeons both sell and prescribe to patients in post-recovery from treatments. That goes to show you how high quality and effective they are. My family used to live in Seoul, Korea – its a culture known for its skincare game! We have a lot to learn from them. And I am taking notes. 

What is your skin type?

Dry (which I attribute to Singapore’s air conditioning) with minor wrinkles and expression lines beginning to appear (hello, 36), and occasionally melasma / pigmentation flare-ups.

What's your skincare routine?

On a daily basis, I wash my face and neck with Aosa Black Power All-In-One Cleanser. I love the foamy texture and how it cleanses off makeup without drying my skin.

After cleansing, without towel drying my face, I apply the Pure Energy CICA+ Toner. I’ve found this helps my skin lock-in moisture due to its high percentage of Cica and Madecassoside.

Next, I spray the HighPrime Collagen Ampoule Mist 3-4x on my face/neck. It is made with pure marine collagen from New Zealand as well as hyaluronic acid, which hydrates and replenishes my face. 

Then, I use the OxygenCeuticals 360 Eye Serum and Cream all around my eyes. Gently tapping this Eye Duo activates key meridian points, energetic highways.

Afterwards, I apply OxygenCeuticals Skin Barrier Fluid during AM or OxygenCeuticals Caviar Protein Fluid during PM gently patting the product into my face.

Photo Credit & Copyright: Christina Michele Rios

For daytime, I finish with Rovectin Anti-Irritant UV Defense Tinted SPF 50+ because it gives a beautiful velvet finish to the skin and doesn't transfer to my mask.  I used it on my recent trip to Greece and it was perfect at the beach. 

Photo Credit & Copyright: Christina Michele Rios

For nightime, I finish with a self-massage to drain my lymph nodes, tighten my jawline and stimulate blood flow – I do this with my ReFa roller or hands. 

On a weekly basis, I have a ritual where I indulge in a nice face masque including Ceramine Aqua Chamaecyparis Obtusa Leaf Mask Pack and Real Deep Collagen Double Active Mask on either Friday or Sunday.

ceramine aqua mask

<Ceramine Aqua Chamaecyparis Obtusa Leaf Mask Pack>

<Real Deep Collagen Double Active Mask>

The day of the week I pick is entirely intentional. Each day of the week represents a planet (did you know the days of the week are even named after planets in Romance languages)? Friday is Venus day, the planet of love. On Fridays, I love to indulge in self-care and nourish myself with self-love. Sunday is literally Sun day, the solar planet of energy – a day for recharging us, for rest. I center my skincare rituals around these 2 days. In addition, it helps prepare our skin for weekend outings and our weekday ahead at work. 

Any tips for readers who want to try this at home?

Absolutely! As I apply my skin care products and face masks, I like to say positive and loving affirmations to myself in the mirror. I say this with my inner voice (silently) as I have found this helps tame the inner critic and encourage my inner mentor to evolve and grow. During the AM, I motivate myself and encourage myself for the day ahead with sayings like “you got this,” “you are beautiful inside and out,” “you are a radiant being.” During the PM, I recap what I am grateful for or what I learned and on hard days, I focus on being my own best friend, reassuring myself “you did your best, it was a hard day, tomorrow is a new one.”

I have found that doing this while facing the mirror and applying my skincare products has completely shifted my relationship with self and even improved my skin. It allows me to radiate love from the inside out – which is truly what makes one more beautiful!

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