Your Ultimate Guide to BB Creams and Cushions

When famous Korean actress and professional boxer, Lee Si Young, was seen using OxygenCeuticals Intensive Blemish Balm in an interview, the BB Cream sold out nearly overnight in Seoul. Because Eunogo Shop carries it in Singapore, we also received many DMs asking about the product and thus, this Beauty Journal guide to BB Creams and Cushions was born. Let’s do a deep dive into the world of blemish balms so that you can understand them better:

First of all, what is “BB”?

“BB” is short for Blemish Balm (although some people refer to it as Beauty Balm because of how it makes your skin look), and it is usually a hybrid of skincare and makeup.  In the case of BB, the hybrid is usually a combination of some of the following: moisturizer, makeup base, concealer, foundation, and sunscreen.

What’s the difference between a BB Cream and BB Cushion?

BB Creams typically come in a tube so you will apply to your face with your fingers or a sponge. With a cream, you’ll be able to layer it for heavier coverage and cover more blemishes or hyperpigmentation quickly.  

BB Cushions, on the other hand, have an actual cushion that contains the product and dispenses a little bit at a time onto a specially designed sponge/puff that allows you to have lighter coverage. Some prefer this to a cream because it lets them have more control over the amount of product on their face. 


Does it really help skin conditions?

It depends on the ingredients, but many cushions and BB creams contain ceramide and niacinamide that absolutely does help address skin barrier weakness as well as hyperpigmentation, so it is important to check the ingredients. For example, some BB ingredients claim to help clear up acne because they contain salicylic acid. However, what you should know is that it may counteract your sunscreen (or if it also has sunscreen it may not work as well) so this is a heads up to check the ingredients carefully. 

My BB Cushion has SPF in it. Can I skip my Sunblock?  

Probably not. We know it’s tempting to try and cut out a step out of your skincare routine, but trust us, SPF is not it. Please keep your SPF step and apply before your BB cream or cushion - the sun protection from a BB Cream or Cushion may not be enough to provide full sun coverage for your face.  Moreover, they mostly protect you from UVB rays and not UVA rays, which are long wave, and penetrate deep into the skin. When the skin is frequently exposed to these rays without protection, it can lead to wrinkles and premature aging.  That’s why it is important to use a sunscreen that has protection against both! You can read all about the importance and benefits of sunscreen in our Beauty Journal here.    

Is a BB Cream or Cushion suitable for my skin?

Many BB products are quite suitable for combination, dry/dull, and sensitive skin.  Especially for those with sensitive skin we suggest you check the ingredients to make sure there are no known irritants.  One of the reasons why we like our favorite BB Cushion from Ceramine is because it is formulated with botanical ingredients especially for those with sensitive skin. As always, we recommend that you do a patch test before applying to your face to make sure you don’t have an adverse reaction to the product.  


Eunogo Shop Picks:

BB Cream

The OxygenCeuticals Intensive Blemish Balm (yes, the very same one used by Lee Si Young) is our top BB Cream pick.  This all-in-one complexion perfector hydrates, helps smooth fine lines, and works to correct dullness and enlarged pores. It provides lightweight, sheer coverage, while protecting your complexion. This BB Cream formula is a moisturizer, and serum in one to hydrate, prime, protect, and camouflage the skin.

BB Cushion

Ceramine Essence BB Cushion’s hexagonal high density air puff sponge makes for easy application around the eyes and nasolabial fold. Its super-hydrating formula strengthens the skin's moisture barrier with plant-based ceramide and hyaluronic acid, leaving a radiant glow while covering imperfections.  The essence naturally adjusts to your skin tone for an airbrushed finish, providing both makeup and skincare benefits simultaneously.

Dr. Jecori Ampoule Cushion ultra-fine base particles cover pores and bumps for silky bright skin texture and create a natural glow by reflecting incoming light in a single direction to reduce diffused reflection, making the face look smaller. This cushion features a special formula made of quality ingredients, including Edelweiss callus extract, EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor), Volufiline, and Peptides. Dr. Jecori Ampoule Cushion creates a fine, refreshing and moisturizing layer on your skin. Triple functionality offers holistic skincare that includes sun coverage, helps with brightening and skin elasticity, and blocks SPF50+/PA++++ UVA, and UVB for indoor as well as outdoor activities.


Don’t forget to make sure you’re using SPF as the step before applying your BB product!  Here is our favorite, Rovectin Anti Irritant UV Defense Tinted Sunscreen with a non-stick texture that can be used for even sensitive skin. This 100% mineral filter sunblock physically blocks ultraviolet rays with mild and safe ingredients without any irritation, soothes the skin and has a velvety finish.


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