I've tried 3-Day Collagen Skin Booster at home using Dermarssance HighPrime Collagen Films

Joy Kang, co-founder of Eunogo shares her special collagen boost beauty routine using Dermarssance HighPrime Collagen Film & Mist Kit.

This collagen boost skincare routine is specifically for those of you who have a special occasion coming up. We all want to look our best on a daily basis, but sometimes we just need a little extra glow-up. My solution is to use products with the effect of quality facial without breaking the bank from the comfort of your own home. Whether you want to do a simple and easy skincare routine to achieve dewy and supple skin, or you are anticipating an important event like a photoshoot, date, meeting, party, you can do these steps at home to look your best self at your important event! 

dermarssance highprime collagen film and mist kit

How Does 3-Day Collagen Boost Skincare Routine Work?

It's simple! I use Dermarssance HighPrime Collagen Film & Mist, which is a premium grade 99.84% pure marine collagen and simply use this product 3 days in a row during night time. I also add some Korean sheet masks to complement my dewy skincare routine.

Yes, this is a 3 day routine, but don’t worry, each daily care step takes a very short time: as short as 3 seconds. The key is consistency: make sure to repeat this super simple step 3 days in a row.

Who Is This Product/Routine For?

From age 25, we start to lose collagen and aging starts. Dermarssance HighPrime Collagen Film & Mist which consist of 99.84% collagen with 300 dalton size and 0.14% Hyaluronic Acid help to replenish collagen to our skin. This product helps to increase skin elasticity and reduce wrinkles and fine lines, which overall help to create dewy and glowing skin. Since this product has only two ingredient: marine collagen (99.84%) and hyaluronic acid (0.14%), it's made for all skin types including the most sensitive skin.      

Sharing My 3-Day Collagen Boost Skincare Routine

I regularly do this 3-day skincare routine whenever my skin looks dull and rough or I have an important event like a photoshoot. This time, I had a live-streaming TV show coming up at MediaCorp in Singapore so from 3 days before the show, I started my 3 day collagen journey! 

Here's me 3 Nights before the event: 

Simple apply collagen films on my forehead and cheeks and melt the collagen films with Collagen Ampoule Mist which comes as a set. 

2 Nights Before the Event:

This time, I used forehead film and under eye films on under my eyes and smile lines. 

And 1 Night before the event:

To follow the Collagen Film, I use a hydrating sheet mask to layer on top. This step will help absorbing collagen faster and locking in all active ingredients into the skin. Usually I would use a Ceramine Aqua Chamaecyparis Obtusa Mask for its hydrating properties, but this time I went for the Ceramine Chaoreum Red Mask for its hydrating and brightening properties. 

This mask uses premium ingredients like Kojic Acid and Niacinamide, as well as Jeju Island sourced botanicals such as Camellia extract and cherry extract to give your face a brightened glow.  

Finally, I make sure to drink my daily Innersil Collagen Shot, a 20ml bottle containing 3,270mg of Fish Collagen Peptide and 1,000% of Biotin based on the percentage of Daily Korean Nutritional Standards. It tastes like tropical fruit and gives my body an internal collagen boost! 

Although most people see a glowing, collagen boosted skin effect after only 1 use, I have found that if you use it 3 days in a row you can see a significant difference. 

Here is my next morning after completing 3 day collagen boost: radiant!


You can see my glowing skin during a TV appearance here in Singapore. I had no make-up on for the show taping, to let my skin speak for itself! 

Happy Collagen Boosting, everyone! 

You can also watch full steps in this video: 



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