Top 5 K-Beauty Trends To Look Out For in 2022

When it comes to setting New Years resolutions, dewy, glowing skin always makes it onto my list. When I visited Seoul last November, I met with K-Beauty industry experts including CEOs and executives from cosmetic brands, OEM (original equipment manufacturer/cosmetic manufacturer) and R&D (research and development) companies. I was able to gather some interesting insights for 2022 K-Beauty Trends. From "Skip-Care" to Inner Beauty, these are the upcoming K-beauty trends you need to know about in 2022: 


Remember how K-Beauty wave started with the 10-step skincare routine and 1-day-1-mask challenge? "Skip Care" - simplifying the routine and focusing on certain skincare ingredients that your skin needs has been one of the biggest trends in Korea. Also many brands have begun to produce multi-use products such as facial cream that can double as eyes and neck cream, sunscreen with tone-up effect or multi-purpose sun stick with hydration and sun protection functions.  

Ceramine Time Solution Cream, a multi-purpose antioxidant cream for full face, eyes and neck

Harmful Chemical Free, Natural Skincare

Studying and analyzing full ingredient list of skincare before shopping has been one of the biggest consumer trends in Korea. Enlighted consumers look out for harmful ingredients or chemicals before they make a purchase. While skincare products formulated with natural, plant-based ingredients have been increasingly popular, there has been a surging demand for freshly vacuum-sealed or capsuled ampoules that are formulated without any preservatives. Ampoules comes in 2-5ML size and should be used within 1-2 weeks. 

Yourfit Custom Ampoules (4ML each x 6 ampoules per box)

Also, vegan beauty will still be on the rise in 2022. Vegan skincare has fallen under category of clean beauty and products are formulated without any ingredients derived from animals and not tested on animals. Many consumers want to shop from brands that are aligned with their values. However, vegan beauty does not mean its all natural, plant-based ingredients. It can also be made with synthetic ingredients or chemicals and people should still look out for ingredient list rather than going for vegan certification mark only. Popular ingredients for vegan products include Centella Asiatica and mushrooms/fungi.  
Ceramine Dual Balance Vegan Toner formulated with Centella Asiatica and Blue Cactus

Patches, rather than a Sheet Mask

While sheet masks are still classic choices for many consumers, many Korean brands are starting to showcase more targeted patches including acne patches, eye patches for dark circles and collagen patches that you can mix and match on neck, smiles lines, under eyes, cheeks and so on. This targeted approach will be trending in Korea for the foreseeable future.  

Dermarssance HighPrime Collagen Films & Ampoule Kit


More Makeup Please

While 2021 was all about combating "maskne" and sebum control and acne treating skincare and patches have been popular, many brands in Korea forecast that there will be less people wearing masks in Korea and more people will be back in the office. Dermacosmetic brands are starting to produce more makeup products including lipsticks, blush, makeup bases and BB cushions.

Ceramine Essence BB Cushion made of anti-aging and hydration botanical ingredients

Increasing Demand for Inner Beauty

As much as people in Korea pay attention to skincare to apply on their face, they also care as much (if not more) about what they eat for better skin and body. The Inner Beauty market will get more competitive as more companies jump into the market due to increasing demand. For example, collagen supplements have been widely popular and they are produced in yummy jelly form, edible film, drinking collagen, and powder. Also enzymes that help with digestion and support your gut microbiome were a huge hit in Korea in 2021. Popularity for such enzymes is expected to grow even more this year. 

Dr. Seolreim SkinUp Collagen Jelly