Top 5 K-Beauty Trends to Look Out for in 2024

When it comes to setting New Year's resolutions, dewy and glowing skin always makes it onto the list. From "Slow-Aging" to Skin Barriers Strengthening, these are the upcoming K-beauty trends you need to know about in 2024:


‘Slow aging’, the process of aging gracefully and naturally, has emerged as a new K-beauty trend. Not only people in their 40's to 60's but starting with age 25, people prioritize the health of their skin and proactively delay signs of aging in South Korea. The key is to start using mild and gentle skincare products with anti-aging benefits and ingredients early enough to delay signs of aging. 

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Also there are many studies of how blue lights from our smartphones, laptops and TV can speed up aging by impairing skin cells. In South Korea, it's a common trend for young generations to apply SPF first thing in the morning as a part of their morning skincare routine even if they stay indoors to prevent blue lights affecting their skin. 

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Continued Popularity for Vegan, Clean Beauty 

Studying and analyzing full ingredient list of skincare before shopping has been one of the biggest consumer trends in Korea. Enlighted consumers look out for harmful ingredients or chemicals before they make a purchase. Skincare products formulated with natural, plant-based ingredients have been increasingly popular. Also, more and more consumers are choosing vegan beauty. Vegan skincare has fallen under category of clean beauty and products are formulated without any ingredients derived from animals and not tested on animals. Many consumers want to shop from brands that are aligned with their values. 
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Active Skincare Ingredients  

When it comes to choosing a skincare product, specific ingredients and formulations matter more than fame and size of the brand for Korean consumers. Especially Korean consumers prefer highly functional and highly concentrated skincare products with active ingredients. Staple popular ingredients include Hyaluronic Acid, Probiotics, Epidermal Growth Factors and Vitamin C. Due to increasing popularity of Retinol based products, Korean brands start to produce more retinol products targeting global audience.      


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Skin Flooding  

Skin flooding is a skin care method that involves layering multiple skincare products in a particular order to achieve one purpose: hydrate, hydrate and hydrate. Skin flooding basically floods the skin with moisture, aiming for "Korean Glass Skin" - deeper, longer-lasting hydration, radiant and healthy skin. You can also read more about Skin Flooding and It's Benefits here

Focus on Skin Barriers 

The importance of a healthy skin barrier is a key skincare focus in K- Beauty. Your skin barrier is crucial to the health of your skin because that combination of 9 lipids (like cholesterol, fatty acids and ceramides) is what keeps moisture inside, while keeping damage and bacteria outside. If your skin barrier is compromised, no matter how much money you spend on products, it will all be for naught. Simply put, your skin barrier is your front line of defense against free radicals, bacteria, and pollution. There are more and more Korean products in the market that solely focus on restoring skin barriers and formulated without anti-aging and brightening ingredients. 


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