Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide For K-Beauty Lovers

To kickstart the festive shopping for holiday gifts, Team Eunogo has compiled a list of perfect gifting ideas for you and your special ones. Time to pamper yourself and people around you... so ditch your gift hunting expedition now and start adding to cart these amazing gifts!


Dermarssance HighPrime Collagen Film & Mist Kit

The Dermarssance HighPrime Collagen Film & Mist has sold out 8 times at Eunogo Shop and is back just in time for the holidays. The Collagen Film is made with 3 clean ingredients: Collagen & Hydrolyzed Collagen (99.86%) and Hyaluronic Acid (0.14%).  The Collagen Ampoule Mist contains both extra collagen and oxygen to increase skin absorption and improve skin elasticity, and contains 93.9% collagen which nourishes and hydrates your face.

Fun fact: Did you know that collagen makes up 90% of our skin? The amount of collagen decreases 1% every year as we aged. If left as it is, skin aging will accelerate! Get your hands on this HighPrime Collagen Film & Mist Kit now and give your loved ones a boost of collagen today!

Korean Glass Skin Kit

The secret behind Korean dewy skin? This is it: our best-selling Korean Glass Skin Kit that comes with two purchase options: Anti-Aging and Hydration.  Once applied on skin, you will see glow and dewy effect that has become a mainstay of the K-Beauty aesthetic. 

iLomys Morning Night Dual Essence

As the product name indicates, the Dual Essence comes with a light-weight Wake up Morning serum and a hydration focused Relax With Night essence for night time use. 

Wake up Morning Essence

  • Hydrates and protect the skin by strengthening the skin's defenses.
  • Awakens and brightens the skin.
  • Provides a glow to skin, soften dead skin cells and reduces effect of stress on skin. 

Relax With Night Essence

  • Nourishes and hydrates the skin overnight with Triple Hyaluronic Acid.
  • Works to even and brighten skin tone overnight with Bisabolol. 

BEIGIC Hair Care Kit

Looking for a quick and fuss-free hair care routine? Spice up your everyday self-care routine using the 100% vegan and cruelty-free BEIGIC Hair Care Kit! This perfect duo comes with a Volumizing Shampooing Scrub and Damage Repair Treatment Mask, start pampering your hair with our quick and easy home spa solution that is also Sulfate-Free and safe for all skin types.


    Dr. Jecori Stem Cell Gold Mask + Diamond Skin Peeling Gel

    Contains premium anti-aging ingredients and glutathione for brightening, pearl powder for skin radiance. Use the Diamond Skin Peeling Gel, followed by the Stem Cell Gold Mask for ultimate glowing complexion! This mask is particularly good for those currently residing in cold/dry climates as a way to rehydrate and reawaken your parched face.

    Age Defying Caviar Kit

    Introducing the luxurious ultimate anti-aging set filled with Caviar benefits, the Age Defying Caviar Kit comes with a serum and cream that works perfectly together to provide a glowing skin. This best-selling duo is a gorgeous gift for mom.  

     Dr. Jecori Ampoule Cushion + Refill

    Made from quality ingredients such as Edelweiss Callus Extract, this Dr. Jecori Ampoule Cushion creates a fine, refreshing and moisturizing layer on skin. It also offers skincare benefits such as sun coverage (SPF50+ PA+++), brightening and skin elasticity! Once applied on skin, it covers pores and imperfections for silky bright skin texture and creates a natural glow on skin. On top of that, there's a nice and pleasant fresh scent from its peppermint extract! 

    BEAUTY FACT: each cushion contains an entire Ampoule with French Hedera Helix Extract that is designed to offer face slimming effect and improve inner skin elasticity. 


    iLomys Renew Derm Foam Cleanser

    The rich and elastic foam maintains moisture in skin without tightness and its coconut-derived ingredient reduces skin irritation and prevents excess oil from being stripped away. Just a small amount is sufficient for the entire skin! 

    iLomys Renew Derm No.4 Suncream SPF50+ PA+++

    A multi-functional sunscreen that offers strong UV protection, hydration and soothing while leaving skin glowing and protected. Easy absorption without feeling sticky and keeps the skin oil-free for longer period. Sunscreen is equally important for everyone, so do not miss out sunscreen in your morning skincare routine.  

    BEIGIC Volumizing Shampooing Scrub

    A refreshing scalp exfoliator and deep cleansing shampoo that contains hypoallergenic sea salt which removes dead skin cells, dirt, unpleasant sebum and impurities, keeping the scalp healthy and clean without irritation. Enriched with freshness of mint menthol so you can feel refreshed scalp and hair after using.


    BEIGIC Correcting Exfoliator

    A mild and gentle vegan coffee scrub enriched with coffee ground and oil, highly recommended for uneven skin texture and dark complexion. NO irritation and deep cleanses impurities and makeup residues that could clog pores and make skin dull. Leaves a healthy glow to the skin and gives off a freshly roasted vanilla coffee scent, perfect to wake up on lazy mornings.  

    Ceramine Essence BB Cushion & Sunblock Set

    This Ceramine BB Cushion and Sunscreen set contains both makeup and skincare benefits simultaneously, AMAZING right! This wonderful set provides daily sun protection, natural coverage, leaves skin well hydrated, silky smooth and luminous!

    Essence BB Cushion 

    • Airbrushed finish and suitable for skin tone No. 18, 21 & 23. 
    • Formulated with ingredients that strengthen skin's moisture barrier and anti-aging botanical ingredients. 
    • Conceal blemishes while leaving a radiant glow. 

     Mild Essence Sunblock SPF50+ PA+++

    • 100% mineral, mild and hypoallergenic sunscreen.
    • Contains patented raw material essence to sooth and care irritated skin.
    • Can be used as a base before applying makeup. 


    BEIGIC Luminous Hydrating Sheet Mask

    Enriched with potent illuminating ingredients such as Vitamin C, Niacinamide, and Marigold Flower Extract that revitalize, brighten dull complexion, awaken skin clarity and provide luminosity. Offers deep hydration for a more plump and firm skin. End your day with this sheet mask that gives off a pure, natural essential oil scent, bringing comfort to the skin! 

    iLomys Renew Derm Nature Mask

    Want extra essence in a mask pack? We got you covered! Contains 30ml of essence to produce hydrated and glowing skin. The patented coconut gel-type cellulose delivers a rich soothing effect, contains hydrating active ingredients that care for aging process, provide nutrition and clear dead skin cells. An extra hydrating mask to use before you head out for a date night, or need a recovery from too much time in the sun.  

    Ceramine Aqua Chamaecyparis Obtusa Leaf Mask Pack

    Contains highly concentrated Chamaecyparis Obtusa Leaf extract, Sodium Hyaluronate and Ceramide in a plant-based eucalyptus sheet, maintain a balanced skin condition. A perfect daily sheet mask to end off the day, resets tired and dull skin with immediate soothing and moisturizing effects.

    Antitox Spa Clean Bubble Mask

    A interesting and unusual mask that foams when applied onto face and exposed to air. Deep cleanse the pores and control oil production while maintaining moisture in the skin. And of course, a unique spa experience in every use! 

    Antitox Clean Body Tissue

    Sweating in the extreme hot weather in Singapore? Get this Antitox Clean Body Tissue, a antibacterial and hypoallergenic body towel that is small and convenient to carry everywhere you go! Clean up your hands, feet, arms, legs, armpits or behind your neck while on the go. Just one piece is large enough for the whole body, sounds good right! This product contains menthol, so Team Eunogo do not recommend to use on face and sensitive areas.

    Antitox Clean Hand Wash

    A mini hand wash with no artificial fragrances, contains natural oil scents from plant sources including eucalyptus oil. Small and convenient to carry everywhere you go, a perfect use as an on-the-go daily hygiene staple. As an added safety feature, the silicon protected container assures that it will not leak or spill inside your bag. 


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