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XOUL Half Drop Cotton Pads (1Box / 80ea)

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Xoul Half Drop Cotton Pads (1Box / 80ea) are wave-shaped, designed to fit the curve of the face, so that it adheres better when you use it as a skin pack. With a total of 160 individual sheets (80 cotton pads), you can divide the cotton pad into two sheets depending on the toner amount and use it effectively in small amounts. High skin absorption with these cotton pads, increase moisture absorption and reduce toner usage by half using only half of the amount of toner you normally use. 

XOUL Cosmetics enhances the natural beauty of your skin by using Human Stem Cell, "Human Adipose Stromal Cell Culture," developed by a group of plastic surgeons, dermatologist, and cosmetics research and development exports based on the most advanced biotechnology. These stem cells help repair and regenerate damaged and aging skin. Their quality and environment management systems meet global standards and they possess the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification. They have developed a coenzyme ceramide, using world-class nanotechnology.

XOUL is a K-beauty brand that specializes in cosmetics infused with Stem Cell Technology. Stem cell culture fluid has been proven to have various effects and results and has attracted a lot of attention and popularity as an ingredient for cosmetics. XOUL Cosmetic makes high-end stem cell cosmetics readily available to consumers.


    Xoul Half Drop Pad is a premium product certified with the best grade of the world's leading textile safety standard, Oeko-Tex Standard 100.

    Cotton Pad: 1 box (80ea)

    How to Use

    When using as a cotton pad: 

    • Wet the pad with an appropriate amount of toner and gently wipe it from the inner to outer area of the face along the skin.

    When using as a skin pad:

    • Wet the pad with toner and attach it to the desired area, such as the forehead/cheek/jaw, for 10-15 minutes before removing it.

    Key Ingredients

    • Pulp
    • Rayon

    Full Ingredients

    • Pulp and Rayon.


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