A Korean Facial Spa in Singapore that Actually Uses Korean Technology

As part of Eunogo’s launch in Singapore last month, our company rolled out a partnership with a premium clinic offering popular K-Beauty skincare right here on the Little Red Dot. It is common knowledge that Korean women and men take regular and meticulous professional care of their skin, and now, our Singapore clients have access to many of the same skin regimens and facials available to our customers in Seoul.

Photo credit: Cheongdam Korean Skin Management

In our pursuit of verified K-Beauty clinics and salons we researched several clinics that touted Korean standards, but few lived up to the hype. However, when we walked into Cheongdam Korean Skin Management (CKSM) and saw their Korean machines, our Eunogo team knew we were on to something authentic! We sat down with Tiffany Tan, Head Aesthetician at Cheongdam Korean Skin Management, to learn more about CKSM ethos and mission to deliver quality K-Beauty procedures.

Tiffany Tan, Head Aesthetician at Cheongdam Korean Skin Management

Q: Tiffany, tell us a little bit about yourself and Cheongdam Korean Skin Management. How did you get started?

A: I spent quite a bit of time training in South Korea’s premier beauty clinics but I returned to Singapore to utilize leading skin treatments from major hospitals and skincare centers in Seoul. We keep up with popular and widely used procedures for Korean celebrities and beauty gurus. All the machines at Cheongdam are 100% Medical Grade and of superior quality imported directly from Korea. That is what you saw when your team came for a visit. Additionally, all products CKSM uses are made of natural plant extracts and contain no alcohol and parabens.

Q: What kind of customers do you see most often?

A: Our customers usually come in with a good understanding of what sort of results they want for their skin, but maybe not the underlying issues that lead to their skin condition. We pride ourselves on doing 1 on 1 skin consultations so that we know the exact needs and concerns of our customers. The goal is to make sure every client is getting a treatment that is catering to their skins’ needs. We also have many Korean expat clients who want to continue their skin care routines just like they would in South Korea, and they already know what machines they want to use and how often.

This photo is copyrighted by Eunogo

Q: Speaking of “often,” how often should we be coming in for a facial treatment?

A: In Korea, it is not unusual to come in every 1-2 weeks for a professional facial treatment, and we do have some customers who, because they are used to this, continue to do so right here in Singapore. However, you have to keep in mind that the climate in Singapore is very different to Korea - here it is far more hot and humid year round. Skin needs change! In Singapore it is more common to come in every 3-4 weeks for a treatment. Please also remember that everyone’s needs are different, so how “often” you should come in depends on what sort of results the client is looking for.

Q: Earlier you mentioned the products you use at Cheongdam. Are they also Korean? And how important are ingredients?

A: Very important! We use OxygenCeuticals products, which are proven and used by 65% of clinics in South Korea. As you can tell, Oxygen is the key ingredient in the products, and we are proud to use this brand. It is very effective, and, as I said before, does not contain alcohol or parabens which can be absolutely detrimental to our skin. The power of Oxygen to purify and heal our skin is truly important - that is why we at CKSM not only use oxygenated products, but we also do several premium treatments using medical grade Oxygen and anions to treat the skin topically and also inhaled by the client. The results are so effective!

Q: We have seen that treatment, and we definitely recommend it for Eunogo clients! Thank you so much for taking the time to speak with us, Tiffany. We look forward to seeing you at the Cheongdam Korean Skin Management for a skincare session!

A: My pleasure! See you soon!


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