Beauty Insider Club: BEIGIC Mindfulness Workshop 2024

As we embarked on a new year filled with self-care and holistic well-being, Eunogo Shop collaborated with BEIGIC, a vegan and cruelty-free beauty brand from Korea that delivers sensual pleasure in everyday life. We hosted a K-Beauty Mindfulness Workshop featuring Kate, the Founder & CEO of BEIGIC who flew to Singapore from Seoul, and attendees who shared a passion for mindful beauty and self-care.

Joy Kang (on the left) & Kate Namgung (on the right)

During the session, Kate shared her inspiring journey and story behind building BEIGIC - combining her background in engineering, extensive experience in global beauty industry and passion in vegan skincare. Kate also shared a glimpse into the brand’s upcoming ventures in 2024 (new products, yay!).

Kate introduced BEIGIC's mixology philosophy and demonstrated various mixology methods based on our attendees’ personal skin types, helping to manage their skin and wellness more delicately. One of the most significant takeaways was learning how to effortlessly create our own hair and face spa experiences within the comfort of our homes, elevated by the therapeutic scents found in all of BEIGIC’s products. Kate also emphasized the hero ingredient used in all products, green coffee beans. Specifically sourced from Peru - renowned for their potent antioxidant properties. Additionally, attendees were enlightened about BEIGIC’s commitment to sustainability, evident in their eco-friendly packaging that is reusable.

Pre-launched products were also introduced during the workshop, offering attendees an exclusive sneak peek of upcoming launches. 

Light refreshments were catered by Paul for our members.

In a gesture of appreciation, all attendees received a gift bag with a BEIGIC Eco Tote Bag, travel-size Treatment Essence, Lucent Oil, Volumizing Shampooing Scrub, Damage Repair Treatment Mask, and a Luminous Hydrating Sheet Mask, thanks to Kate.

All our guests shared enthusiasm and actively engaged in conversations, asking questions, and expressing their eagerness for BEIGIC hair care and skincare, filled us with immense joy and motivation, inspiring us to host yet another event in the near future. 

Thank you everyone for joining us and being a part of our journey! It was a big pleasure having you all. See you at our next event!


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