Featured Client Series: Arisae Ryu, an Avid Cyclist on Go-To Self Care

We continue our series of interviews with EunogoShop clients on the topic of Self Care. Team Eunogo sat down with Arisae Ryu, a Singapore-based, Korean cyclist and long-time customer, to talk about how she uses skincare products as a self-care strategy to keep her sanity-saving cycling hobby going strong:

Tell us about yourself:

My name is Arisae, or Ari, and I’m 36, from Korea, living in Singapore for 3 years. I have always been a very active person: I try to do lots of different sports. I’ve always been into cardio, and in Korea I used to run, but after moving to Singapore I realized running is way too difficult in this climate. So after I moved here I got into cycling, and it has truly been doing wonders for me and keeping me sane during this challenging Covid period.  

What is your skin type?  

I have normal, combination skin - it's not too dry and not too oily, but the problem is that after my long rides, my “normal” skin becomes extremely dry, especially after all that prolonged exposure to the sun, sweating, and dehydration. I’m putting myself through that on a weekly basis and that’s why I need lots of help. In terms of my skin, that’s been a sacrifice I’ve had to make but luckily I’ve gotten lots of help from Eunogo along the way.  

In terms of “self care,” what would you say is your go-to?

Well, I would say I’m not looking for anything complicated. Even before I found Eunogo products I wasn’t into a 10-step K-Beauty routine - I know that’s shocking to hear from a Korean. Personally I’m looking for simple and highly effective and functional products: quality products that will give me what I need to offset the damage that I am doing to my skin with my other self care activity which is the road cycling. Both are really important, because in order for me to continue to be able to do what I really like, such as the cycling, I need the skincare to bring my skin back to life and take care of myself in recovering from the rides. It’s so helpful!

What kind of products do you use to achieve that?

Normally I have a basic daily skin routine, you know, cleanse, toner, essence, moisturizer, and some eye cream. This is usually good to get me through weekday rides 4-5 times a week when I’m not going extra hard. But on the weekends, that’s where I need extra help, because that’s when I’ll do an “around the island” ride, 160km, which takes forever - I leave at 5am and get home around lunchtime. It’s a lot of damage to your body and skin, by the time I get home, even if I’m hydrating during the ride I have lost 3kg of water. My hands become like a witch’s hand, so that should tell you what my face looks like too! So for that I do extra steps like the HighPrime Collagen Film and a hydrating Ceramine Aqua Sheet Mask on top to counteract the damage.  

What is your routine?

Every day I use Aosa Black Power All-In-One Cleanser to cleanse my face. I love that the gel becomes a rich, foamy texture and it hydrates my skin when it so desperately needs it.  

Next, I use the Pure Energy CICA+ Toner. I like the light and soothing feel of this one, and I’m assuming it’s a big part of how well I’m able to get my skin to recover.  

For my serum/essence step I use the Skin Barrier Fluid (glass skin effect and skin barrier strengthening) from OxygenCeuticals. But I also own two others from OxygenCeuticals: the Caviar Protein Fluid (nourishing and anti-aging) and Fermented Fluid (for brightening and improving uneven skintone) so I use these interchangeably depending on what my skin needs at that moment.  

For daytime, I moisturize with the Pure Energy CICA+ Cream, which soothes and moisturizes but is very lightweight. 

And finally, for daytime I finish my routine with Rovectin Anti-Irritant UV Defense Tinted SPF 50+ because if I’ve learned anything from Team Eunogo it is to always apply sunscreen! The Rovectin SPF is a particular favorite for me because it has a soft finish to my face and gives a tone-up effect, evening out my skin tone. It’s a win-win!

At night I repeat the steps above but finish my moisturization with Oxygenceuticals Caviar Cream. Actually, I bought the Caviar Fluid and Cream as a set, but I mix and match the two products!

On the weekends when I ride a lot I use a combination of the HighPrime Collagen Film and Mist

with Ceramine Aqua Chamaecyparis Obtusa Leaf Mask Pack to help revitalize my face. These two are incredibly effective to revive and refresh!

I should also mention that I eat a Dr. Seoulreim SkinUp Collagen Jelly daily, because the collagen supplement helps with recovery and muscle rebuilding - these taste like muscat grape gummies and help me recover faster.   

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