What Is Milk Cleanser? Is It Right for Me?

Cleansing is important to maintaining healthy-looking skin, and the first step in prepping your skin for application of all the active ingredients in the steps that follow. If your skin feels tight during post wash, highly likely your facial cleanser is far too drying for your skin and strips the good oils and microflora from your face. 

Milk cleansers can be a great alternative to soothe and nourish your skin instead of washing away all the good with the dirt. We will break down some basic facts on milk cleansers, and whether if it is a perfect addition to your skincare routine. Let’s dive right in:

De:maf All Day Glow Creamy Milk Cleanser


There are so many types of cleansers in K-Beauty! What makes Milk Cleanser different?

A milk cleanser differs from a cleansing balm, or a foaming or gel type cleanser because it is usually formulated with a dose of healthy fats and hydrating ingredients, like jojoba oil, vitamin E and squalene. The result is a consistency that feels luxe and silky, like milk, but there is no milk or dairy ingredients inside the product.

Is there a benefit to Milk Cleansers? 

We certainly don’t like to pick favorites, but there is a reason why the majority of dermatology clinics and spas in Korea prefer to use a milk cleanser before procedures. They are gentle enough to use pre and post-procedure, they nourish your skin, and they’re perfect for anyone with dry or sensitive skin. Additionally, because a milk cleanser will help balance and strengthen your skin barrier, making it a no-brainer choice for those about to undergo skin procedures and treatments.

When should I choose a Milk Cleanser? 

  1. When your skin feels sensitive and irritated - The nourishing properties of milk style cleansers are not to be underestimated. If you are experiencing a reaction to another product or having some allergies, irritation, or even an acne breakout, a milk cleanser will help soothe, calm and restore your skin.
  2. You wear light makeup like BB cream or SPF - A milk cleanser will emulsify a light BB cushion/cream or sunblock, but don’t rely on it solely to fully remove heavier makeup like foundation. For that, after using a milk cleanser, you can double cleanse with a foam cleanser
  3. Your skin barrier is compromised - The quickest way to know if your skin barrier is weak is when your face is constantly feeling parched, and your skincare products don’t appear to be absorbed well, let alone work properly. This is the time to invest in a milk cleanser as well as simplify your routine to a three-step skin barrier strengthening powerhouse like the De:maf Glow Trio
  4. You have dry, dehydrated, or sensitive skin - If you have these aforementioned skin types now is a good time to try a milk cleanser. The first step of your skincare routine should be as hydrating and nourishing as possible. And if your skin is sensitive, you can use a milk cleanser to give your face a break from face wash with more active ingredients
  5. You frequently get derma procedures - Korean dermatology clinics famously use milk cleansers for their patients and now you know why: the skin barrier strengthening benefits cannot be ignored. Seoul Dermatologists and spas have put the milk-style cleanser to the test and it works!

De:maf Glow Trio

Q. How should I use it?

*BEAUTY TIP TIME: the key to using a Milk Cleanser successfully is to use it on dry skin. Yes, you read that correctly: dry skin. Once applied to dry skin you can rub your fingers in a gentle circling motion to help exfoliate and loosen dead skin cells and makeup residue. As the milk cleanser emulsifies, you can add water to it and begin removing all the buildup of makeup, sebum, and dirt during the day. Then rinse, and voila: hydrated, soothed, and nourished skin! Now you can move on to your toner, serum (optional) and cream steps. 

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De:maf All Day Glow Creamy Milk Cleanser

Formulated with carefully selected ingredients such as broccoli extract 64%, and madecassoside to moisturize and strengthen skin barrier, leaving the skin moist and soft after cleansing. Sunflower seed and jojoba oils are here to boost your cleansing while providing all-natural non irritant emulsifying ingredients. 300ml of cleanser in a bottle can last anywhere from three to six months or more depending on usage, definitely a cost-effective choice in the long run!


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