K-Beauty Founder Series: Meet Dr. Deug Gon Moon, Founder & CEO of iLomys

Have you ever wondered how iLomys came about? We are thrilled to speak with Dr. Moon, the founder of MifaMoon Clinic in Seoul to get the full story. Read on to find out more on how iLomys came to be, the research behind the patented iLomys Complex, and his ethos for the clinic and brand. 

Founder & CEO of MifaMoon Clinic and iLomys

What does iLomys mean as a brand?

First of all, the word "iLomys" is the combination of "I Love Myself". These days, "I Love Myself" is a phrase that is being talked about a lot all over the world. To truly love someone, you have to love yourself first as a form of consideration and respect for others. iLomys products channel this motto to help patients achieve that self-love. In order to create the best brand, my team have been consistently developing premium products that are essential for the skin. 

Was there extra attention paid to the concept and ingredients for iLomys? 

Our brand is a dermatological cosmetic that uses less chemical ingredients and preservatives, so it can be used steadily on sensitive skin. Compared to the past, more people now are having sensitive skin due to external harmful environment factors such as dust, stress, and overwork. That is why iLomys is focused on soothing and calming sensitive skin, so anyone can use it without worrying about skin troubles or reactions.

Can you provide more details about the ingredients?

One of the key ingredients that was developed for sensitive skin is iLomys Complex, a patented skin soothing ingredient. We spent 4 years on research and formulated with 6 natural ingredients that strengthen skin immunity using an optimized ratio to reduce inflammation on the skin and make sensitive skin healthy.

The six plant ingredients are particularly; Mistletoe, Chrysanthemum, Ginkgo Biloba, Turmeric, Centella Asiatica, and Chamomile. These ingredients can be eaten as food, helps to soothe and boost the immune system of the skin. We continuously researched on creating the best blending ratio such that if any of the ingredient shows an inflammation inhibition rate of 2% to 10%, iLomys Complex has a whopping 20% or more inhibition of inflammation. This is also known as the synergistic effect. All of the ingredients can be safely used because they are directly collected, refined, and the raw materials are grown in nature instead of grown artificially. 

I also want to say that if you are continuously exposed to various external stimuli like UV rays and fine dust, and if you do not take care of your skin properly, it can cause problems such as inflammation, pigmentation, blemishes and acne. So, iLomys products can help to combat these issues, strengthen the skin's immunity and create a healthy skin. As iLomys Complex is a natural anti-inflammatory ingredient that blocks both pathways of cyclooxygenase and lipoxygenase that cause inflammation, it helps to effectively soothe the skin. 

Can you tell us how iLomys develop products? 

We select ingredients that are good to eat and apply on the skin. As I said before, the 6 plant extracts; Mistletoe, Chamomile, Chrysanthemum, Ginkgo Biloba, Turmeric, and Centella Asiatica (Cica) made up the iLomys Complex. These ingredients are mixed using optimized ratio to develop a cosmetic composition with anti-inflammatory effect. Each ingredient have different effects on the skin, so for Turmeric, it shows effect of reducing inflammation, whitening, and these are mix using the best ratio to give the strongest anti-inflammatory effect. Through experiments, iLomys Complex proved to be safe for the skin and effective in soothing and relieving inflammation. 

You mentioned experiment. Has there been research done to back up your claims?

Yes, an experiment was conducted to find out the anti-inflammatory effect of iLomys Complex. The anti-inflammatory effect was judged by the degree of suppression of edema based on the treatment group, the iLomys Complex had an anti-inflammatory effect to some extent. The ingredients showed a much higher effect compared to other plant extracts. 

Based on this, we conducted our own clinical trials to confirm the skin soothing effect. We targeted 50 people with skin problems, particularly women aged between 20 to 55 years old. We compared the effects of using:

  1. Cosmetics containing the iLomys Complex (applied on left side of the face)
  2. Cosmetics without iLomys Complex (applied on right side of the face)

The skin soothing effect was so much better when the product containing the iLomys Complex was applied. 

What habits are needed to improve skin immunity?

Follow our iLomys Beauty Ritual, consisting of 4 rituals to find the balance between external and internal beauty:

  1. SMILE SMILE SMILE! If you compare a person with a depressed expression vs. a person with a bright expression, you can see a huge difference 10 years later in terms of skin age, body shape, age, and hormone age! It is said that if you smile, you will look 7-8 years younger than your actual age. So, look in the mirror and smile right now everyone! 
  2. BE THANKFUL. Being thankful, positive, and happy are all connected. By saying "Thank you", you can build deeper relationships and lead a more vibrant, less stressful, and healthy life.
  3. LOVE. The best anti-aging secret is love. The feeling of love alleviates everyday stress and gives you a sense of serenity. In addition, it eases breathing and improves blood circulation which makes the skin complexion stand out. People who are in love can look much livelier and more beautiful!
  4. DEEP BREATH. A good flow of energy in the body through a deep breath is a easy solution to manage stress. The deep breathing technique involves inhaling slowly for 4 seconds, exhaling deeply for 4 seconds, and then holding the breath for 6 seconds. For body and mind that has been exhausted and struggled all day, let's take deep breaths, have a break before going to bed. 

You have met dermatology patients for a long time, while operating iLomys cosmetics yourself, what advice do you give to patients the most? 

The best advice is not to touch your face as much as possible, because your hands are an area with more bacteria and viruses than we think. It is also the biggest cause of sensitive skin!

Why do you focus on soothing ingredients, and not brightening or lifting?

If there is a value that has not changed since the launch of iLomys brand, it is skin soothing. I have been steadily developing a home care line that provides a more synergistic effect by combining with dermatological procedures before developing iLomys products. As a dermatologist, one thing I realized through various skin treatments is most people go to a dermatologist for lifting or brightening, but if the skin's foundation is not strong, these effects cannot be strengthened. So, from then on, before researching lifting or brightening products, I started researching on skin soothing products that would strengthen the foundation of the skin. 

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Thank you Dr. Moon for all your insights - we are so happy to carry iLomys in Singapore!

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