K-Beauty Founder Series: Meet Eun-Jin, CEO of Dr. Jecori

Team Eunogo Shop interviewed Kim Eun-Jin, CEO of Dr. Jecori, about growing into a brand that seeks value and satisfaction that can be experienced with healthy skin and an active lifestyle.

CEO of Dr. Jecori

Please tell us more about yourself and your professional journey becoming CEO of Dr. Jecori

I first started my career at Samsung Electronics. After completing my MBA degree in France, I worked for McKinsey, a consulting company. Then I joined CJ O Shopping as the managing director in charge of strategy. At CJ, I was in charge of strategic planning and marketing for 'CelebShop.' Then I left my career and moved overseas for childcare. After I returned to Korea, I worked as a marketing advisor for GLAD hotel and most recently I’ve joined Cosmedique, Dr. Jecori’s parent company as a CEO. 


Dr. Jecori Cell Medique Gold Ampoule & Cream Set


Please tell us about Dr. Jecori.

Dr. Jecori is an anti-aging premium skin care brand launched in December 2021 by Cosmedique. Personally, I have tried many luxury skincare brands, but never really stuck to any single brand. However, when I tried the Dr. Jecori ampoule and cream sample before they were launched, I was so impressed and inspired. When Cosmedique offered me to join them, I decided to join the company and grow Dr. Jecori together. I definitely saw the synergy between Cosmedique, the company with strong experience and expertise in R&D and production of innovative skincare products and my expertise in marketing.

Dr. Jecori Cell Medique Gold 6 Ampoule Set

What are the key features of the product?

Our company researched and studied the raw materials used by many global luxury brands, and made an effort to materialize them into a formula by using the highest quality sourcing. Its main ingredients include edelweiss callus (stem cell) culture medium, EGF (epidermal growth factor), genuine French volufiline (an ingredient used for dermal fillers), and peptides. The product is better, the price is about ⅓ of the huge brand names, and the target audience is clear: modern career women or/and busy moms who need simple but effective, quality skincare products and Dr. Jecori can help achieve their skin goals.

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Please share more about your target clients

Modern women are living busy lives due to childcare and work life. It would, of course, be best to visit a dermatologist or professional skin care shop regularly, but it's often not possible. We strive to make great skincare products so that our customers can enjoy great anti-aging benefits just from Dr. Jecori experience. Our goal is to be known as the top tier anti-aging products. 

Can you tell us more about the Dr. Jecori Society in Korea?

This is something we are very proud of. It is a group made up of VIP customers, and the majority of them happen to be female CEOs and women in high-powered positions. Since many career women want to form a professional network in the same or different industries, we regularly host not only our own marketing or new product launch events but networking events, cultural exhibitions, classes, and social gatherings for Dr. Jecori Society members to build network. It is developing into a safe meeting space as well as developing a solid bond and network among members.

Photo Credit: Dr. Jecori 

Any last words for our Eunogo Shop readers and Dr. Jecori fans? 

I would love to meet with our customers in Singapore in near future and invite them to our Jecori society program in Seoul if they can. Thank you so much for choosing Dr. Jecori as your skin care solution! 



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