K-Beauty Lip Balm Comparison: Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask vs Xoul Stem Cell Ever Moist Lip Balm

When Eunogo brought in XOUL's Ever Moist Lip Balm to trial before deciding whether to carry it in the Eunogo Shop, we received numerous requests through social media to compare it to one of the most popular lip masks on the market: the Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask. So, what happens when you put two popular hydrating lip balms from Korean beauty companies against one another? Eunogo did exactly that to find out how they stack up! Let’s begin:


About the Brands

Laneige is the ultimate in basic and easy-to-use K-Beauty products. We have joked around Eunogo offices that it is a “gateway drug” brand that introduced many people around the globe to Korean skincare products, and its Lip Sleeping Mask has been a best selling item for years. In fact, both Joy and Zhenia owned one in different flavors (Apple Lime and Grapefruit).

XOUL is a newer player on the block but has an established history of creating skincare with active ingredients and using stem cell technology. The Ever Moist Lip Balm is their first lip care product and is one of a series of new skincare they’ve released recently.

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Both of these lip balms are created to hydrate your lips. The Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask is intended to be worn overnight, and the XOUL is to be worn during the day. Despite this, we have used the Laneige during the daytime and the XOUL as a sleeping mask as well, and they both work quite well either way! XOUL also contains Volufiline (more on that below) and is supposed to help plump your lips as well.


Texture and Scent

Laneige's Lip Sleeping Mask texture is quite rich and creamy, and looks lovely and glossy when you put it on. The fun factor with Laneige is that these lip masks are manufactured in several fun flavors, including some limited edition ones like “Gummy Bear” and “Sweet Candy.” It can be on the sticky side, but, as Zhenia noted, “if you’re using it while you’re sleeping, who cares?”

XOUL's Ever Moist Lip Balm texture is lighter, less creamy than Laneige. Joy noted that XOUL is more “sherbet-like” and it also appears glossy and shiny when applied to the lips. While it has no scent when you smell it in the container, upon application and once you add some body heat to it, you will notice a slight hint from one of the ingredients, spearmint oil, which gives a refreshing sensation.


Size and Price

Laneige's Lip Sleeping Mask is about 20g (0.7oz) and retails for $22USD or $27SGD at Sephora. 

XOUL's Ever Moist Lip Balm is 8g (0.3oz) and retails for $25USD or $33SGD on Eunogo Shop.


Active Ingredients

Laneige's Lip Sleeping Mask is made with lots of goodies like Shea Butter, Vitamin C, and various fruit extracts that flavor the product and keep your lips moisturized.

Ever Moist Lip Balm is made by XOUL, a company that specializes in stem cell technology and so active ingredients include stem cell extract, spearmint leaf oil, jojoba oil, and Volufiline, a French ingredient that is commonly used in lip fillers. Please note that usually lip products that promise to “plump” your lips contain ingredients that irritate your lips and make them tingly so you feel like your lips are more “plump” when they’re just swollen from irritation. Volufiline is an all-natural combination of biochemicals that enhances the appearance of skin and encourages collagen development. So the XOUL Ever Moist Lip Balm also aims to help rejuvenate your lip health and appearance.


Final Thoughts / Pros + Cons

The PROS for XOUL are the texture and the lighter, spearmint refreshing sensation. Zhenia liked it so much that she is investing in a second pot of XOUL to keep in her purse for daytime so she can keep the first pot by her bedside to use overnight as a sleeping mask. Joy also enjoyed the lighter texture and the fact that Volufiline as an active ingredient can be used to help rejuvenate, not just moisturize the lips. The con for both was the premium price, as it is higher than the Laneige. However, the price is justified for a more premium skincare line.

The PROS for Laneige, our oldie but goodie, are that it is affordable and easy to use! Based on the outpouring of requests via social media for us to compare these two, we know that so many people already use and own it because it's so straightforward. You also get quite a lot more product for the price than with XOUL. However, Zhenia’s con was also the size - because there is so much product in the pot, her Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask actually expired before she got to use half of the pot! Additionally, she felt that the Laneige pot became a bit unwieldy to use after you use a certain amount because you have to stick your finger inside to scoop out the product. She felt that XOUL was more elegant and easier to carry and use as a daytime product.


Overall, both the Laneige and Xoul hold special spots in our hearts for different reasons. Tell us which one you like more!

Check out XOUL's Ever Moist Lip Balm here.

You can also watch the full video to see Zhenia and Joy discuss how these perform against one another!

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