Antitox 1 Shot Mouthwash (1box/20ea)


The famous best-selling Antitox 1 Shot Mouthwash from Korea is available now on Eunogo Shop! Each box comes with 20 packs of mouthwash that are small and convenient to carry. Simply drop one pack into your daily bag. It's a must-have item in your bag that cleans your mouth with its powerful breath-removing effect and special Antitox formula. A great way to care for your oral hygiene on the go. 

ZeroAbsolu Antitox is a brand that has become a staple for fresh and innovative products on the domestic Korean market. Eunogo Shop is proud to bring Antitox products to Singapore and beyond.  


Size: 1 box (11ml / 20ea) 

How to Use

  • Open along the mouthwash cutoff line in a single tear.
  • Gargle in mouth for about 20 to 30 seconds, then spit out.
  • Use it frequently whenever there is a foreign substance or odor in your mouth. (We recommend that you not use it more than 5 times a day)
  • Pregnant women and children can also use. (However, if used by children under 8 years of age, it can feel "spicy", so it is recommended for use in children over 8 years of age)

Full Ingredients

Entity Tocopherol acetate (Vitamin E), Sodium Fluoride Other Ent L-Mentole, Glycerin, Sodium Citrate Hydroxide, Citrate Hydroxide, Elysyl, Ethal, Etanol, Oxium Chloride, Refined Water.


  1. Why does Antitox Mouthwash come in disposable pouches? Bottled mouthwash is not good for hygiene because you put your mouth on the bottle multiple times. If you pour the mouthwash onto the lid, it increases discomfort and the risk of bacterial contamination. With Antitox’s disposable mouthwash, you don't have to worry about that. There is an Easy Cut line for easy opening so it does not get on your hands.
  2. Does it really get rid of bad breath effectively? Antitox removes bad breath in the mouth with cloves used by the imperial family and propolis that has strong antibacterial effects. By removing the harmful bacteria, the breath odor emitted by these bacteria is also effectively eliminated. It also contains 'vitamin E' ingredient verified by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety to take care of bad breath caused by gum inflammation.
  3. Do I have to rinse it with water after gargling? After gargling, you may rinse it again with water because of the residue in your mouth. Antitox gargles do not need to be rinsed out with water because they focus on refreshing taste and aroma.
  4. Is it really a safe gargle? SLS, paraben, benzoic acid, trichloric acid, CMIT/MIT, saccharin, artificial coloring, mineral oil, animal ingredients, etc. which are known as harmful ingredients were not used.
  5. Why isn't there a color? The original gargle should not be colored. If you have colors, it's easier to color your teeth. It does not contain artificial pigment (tar pigment), so the contents are transparent.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

I use this every day and I can feel my mouth clean afterwards. Very gentle compared to more popular brands.

Super convenient

Loved this mouthwash. It’s super convenient and it taste ok.

Thumbs up!

Easy to carry and remove the bad breath immediately any time I need. It became my must-have item in my bag. I will def repurchase.

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