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Gentlemen's Kit for Anti-Aging


Anti-aging is not just for the ladies! Introduce yourself (or your gentlemen friends) to the world of skincare by starting with this kit. This kit is luxurious and contains products powered by the anti-aging benefits of caviar. 


    The Renew Derm Foam Cleanser is one that removes makeup and impurities well without irritating the skin. Using "natural surfactant" derived from coconut to ensure that even sensitive and sensitive skin can use with confidence, the rich and elastic foam maintains moisture and cleanly washes away makeup residues. The same coconut-derived ingredient reduces skin irritation and prevents excess oil from being stripped away. 

    The Caviar Protein Fluid is a dual-function premium fluid containing the nutritional value of Black Caviar. It is a gel-serum that contains 5 natural herbs and Russian Caviar. The serum gives the skin a silky-smooth texture while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It helps prevent the loss of elasticity in the skin and aids in the reduction of dark spots on the skin.

    The Age Defying Caviar Cream is a lightweight silky face cream that regenerates, nourishes and moisturizes your skin. It contains Jojoba oil and squalene, a vegetable oil, to form a skin moisturizing coating film that helps skin moisturizing.

    The Gentlemen's Kit for Anti-Aging is suitable for rough skin due to lack of moisture and skin that has started showing signs of aging such as degradation of elasticity. Dull and dark skin due to skin stress.


      1. 3 Steps - a kit comes with an ilomys Renew Derm Foam Cleanser (120ml), Caviar Protein Fluid (50ml) and Age Defying Caviar Cream (50ml)

      How to Use

      1. Use the ilomys Renew Derm Foam Cleanser to cleanse face daily.
      2. Use the Caviar Protein Fluid as an essence step.
      3. Use the Age Defying Caviar Cream after the Caviar Protein Fluid, at the last stage of daily skincare step.


        iLomys Renew Derm Foam Cleanser:

        • Carica Papaya Fruit Water
          • Papain enzyme helps break down the skin protein keratin, which is keratinocytes, and promotes cell regeneration, which slows down with age, and helps brightening effect by addressing pigmentation.
        • Panax Ginseng Root Extract
          • Panaginic acid prevents skin from drying out and maintains moist skin, and when combined with saponin, it makes skin texture fine. It also supplies a sufficient amount of oxygen to the skin cells for a radiant complexion.
        • Oryza Sativa (Rice) Extract
          • since ancient times, it has been said that applying rice bran to the skin makes it shine. It is rich in various vitamins, iron, phosphorus, and minerals, so it has an excellent cleansing effect.  
        • Beta-Glucan 
          • a natural-friendly substance, has a skin moisturizing function that helps heal skin barrier issues. It lowers the sensitivity to factors of skin inflammation caused by various stresses and increases the immune function.

          Caviar Protein Fluid:

          • Caviar Extract
            • Enhances skin elasticity
            • Provides moisture and nutrients to skin and makes skin vitalized
          • Niacinamide
            • Improves skin tone
            • Enhances skin barrier
          • Adenosine
            • Reduces skin wrinkle by enhancing skin suppleness
            • Vitalize the skin
          • Oligopeptide-1
            • Enhance damaged skin barrier
            • Enhance skin elasticity
            • Promotes skin cycle

          Age Defying Caviar Cream:

          • Caviar Extract 12%
            • Provides moisture and nutrients to skin and makes skin vitalized
            • Enhances skin elasticity
          • Adenosine
            • Reduces skin wrinkle by enhancing skin elasticity
            • Vitalize the skin
          • Niacinamide
            • Improves skin tone
            • Enhances skin barrier
          • Glutathione
            • Purifies harmful energy into positive energy
            • Vitalizes skin
            • Activates skin metabolism and cycle
          • Jojoba Oil
            • Enhances skin flexibility and provides elasticity to skin
            • Protects skin from evaporating and toxic substance
            • Prevention for sensitive skin and troubled skin
          • Squalane
            • Provides conditioning without irritation
            • Vegetable oil which has great osmosis


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