I'm Me Red Ginseng Jelly Stick (1 box / 30 sticks)


** Expiry date: Dec 2023 

The I'm Me Red Ginseng Jelly Stick is for adults only. Contain Ginsenosides 14MG per jelly, one of the highest content in Korean red ginseng supplement market. Red ginseng is a natural antioxidant, helps with immunity boost, recover from fatigue, improve blood circulation and memory. Similar to the MomMe Red Ginseng Jelly Stick, it uses 6 years old Korean red ginseng. The Korean apple and pear extracts enhance the overall taste.  

MomMe is a startup founded by expert moms, focusing on health supplements for kids and adults. MomMe is committed to build a community of happy and proud mothers. 



  • For Adults only
  • Size: 1 box (20g / 30 sticks)

  • Precautions

    • If you consume the whole jelly at once, it can get stuck in your throat, so please chew well and don't swallow whole.
    • Pregnant women, breastfeeding women, and children should consult with a doctor before consuming.
    • If you are allergic to certain ingredients, please check the ingredient list before consuming.
    • There may be some differences in color between each product.
    • Because of the nature of this jelly product, there may be water formation and the contents may flow out when opening

Batch number and expiry date are stated on the package.


    1. Half Box (14 sticks)
    2. 1 Box (30 sticks) 

    How to Use

    Take two jellies daily, one jelly at a time.

      Key Ingredients

      • Ginsenoside (Rg I, Rb I, Rg 3) 14mg. Natural antioxidant, helps with immunity boost, recover from fatigue, improve blood circulation and memory. 

        Full Ingredients

        Korean red ginseng concentrate (from red ginseng root), purified water, liquid fructose, apple concentrate, pear concentrate, crystalline fructose, cyclodextrin sytup, apple flavor, mixed gum base, mixed plants concentrate, calcium lactate, enzymatically modified stevia, agar powder, extract mixed Scutellaria Baicalensis root, citric acid, y-cyclo dextrin powder, extract grapefruit seed


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        Customer Reviews

        Based on 4 reviews
        Second time purchase

        I like the taste not too bitter sweet enought to boost my energy and feeling.


        use it regularly esp after working late the previous night. It helps to keep the mind fresh and focus.

        We appreciate your purchase and your trying our Korean ginseng jelly product.
        We carefully chose the brand with less bitter flavor as ginseng is notorious for imparting a bitter taste.
        I hope you did enjoy the immunity boost from the ginseng jellies. Stay healthy, from Team Eunogo


        Usually I don't take red ginseng even though my mum kept telling me about how beneficial it is for my health, because I heard red ginseng is so bitter! But I decided to give this I'm Me red ginseng jelly stick a try, and I'm in love! TBH, it felt like I was taking a delicious snack. Highly recommend everyone to try!!

        Yummy Korean Red Ginseng!

        I am Korean living in Singapore. So happy to find a yummy Korean Red Ginseng Jelly in Singapore! The taste is a little bitter mixed with sweetness. However since it comes in a jelly stick it's easy to eat, and way better to eat compared to CheongKwanJang red ginseng products. If you know the taste of Cheongkwanjang, you would agree how brilliant I'mMe is. Also, I can't believe it contains more Ginsenosides. Yummier and healthier! I will definitely repurchase it!

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