All About Korea's Inner Beauty Movement - Digestive Enzymes Diet

When Eunogo Shop CEO and Co-Founder, Joy, came back from Korea in November 2021, she was excited by the latest trends in K-Beauty. One of the things taking Korea by absolute storm was the inner beauty trend of digestive enzymes diet. Digestive enzymes have become a daily prerequisite for many Korean ladies, and Team Eunogo is excited to bring digestive enzymes to Singapore.  

Because this is a new-to-Eunogo-Shop product, we thought we’d put together a quick primer about digestive enzymes, and tell you all about why the Denps Hygge Enzyme Active Fine is our enzyme of choice. Let’s get into it:

What are Digestive Enzymes and How Do They Work?

Digestive Enzymes contain a certain amount of specific enzymes that are already found either in your saliva or stomach which break down nutrients such as carbohydrates, proteins, and fats so that they can be absorbed into the body, thereby balancing the body and restoring vitality. Usually, there is either ɑ-amylase (pronounced “alpha -a-mah-LASE”), protease (pronounced “pro-tee-ASE”), or both. Ɑ-amylase is the enzyme that helps break down and digest carbohydrates and starchy foods like rice, noodles, potatoes, and fruit.  Protease is the enzyme that breaks down proteins like meat and cheese. Most of the products available on the market contain enzymes extracted from the fermentation of grains or fruits, so they have fewer side effects and are familiar to your gut flora because they provide a natural feel. 

If you maintain a consistently healthy diet, it is likely that your body already produces a sufficient amount of these enzymes. But when you don’t have a consistently healthy diet (basically most of us), when you add digestive enzymes they help break down carbs and protein and allow your body to work more efficiently. When your digestive system is efficient you are not experiencing bloating, swelling, and that “food baby” look that's way too common after we have a full on night out. Additionally, as aging progresses, the amount of digestive enzymes produced in the body significantly decreases, and can be supplemented to aid digestion.  

Are Enzymes Effective for Weight Lost?

Many enzyme brands might use "weight lost" "enzyme diet" keywords for marketing purposes. We’ll get right to the point: although in the case of enzyme products made from plant materials such as grains, a feeling of satiety is felt after ingestion, which may help control diet and excess food intake, there is currently no scientific evidence to support that digestive enzymes directly aid in weight loss. Although taking enzymes on regular basis can help on your diet indirectly by processing digestion faster and better, you cannot solely rely on taking enzymes.  

Is taking a Digestive Enzyme Right for Me?

Who is the ideal customer for this product? Someone who does indulge in heavier, carb loaded meals, and who tends to experience digestive discomfort on a regular basis. If you are eating late at night and tending to indulge in a lot of heavy meals and alcohol, this is also a great product to try. When you are able to digest more efficiently, your body will thank you.  

How Should You Choose the Right Enzyme for You?

The digestive enzyme industry is undergoing a period of explosive growth, and when looking to purchase enzymes from Korea be on the lookout for the following:

  • Check the Titer Value  - you may be asking yourself, what’s a “titer value?” The titer value is a numerical expression of the enzyme's decomposition ability. In other words, the higher the number, the better the effect. For a product of the same weight, selecting a product with a higher potency value results in greater efficacy. 

  • Choose your Preferred Efficacy/Flavor - Enzyme products are available in various formulations such as powder, granule, and pill, so it is helpful to choose the type you prefer. In addition, the flavor and taste vary according to the raw materials used in the production of enzymes. 
  • Check the ingredients used - Since it is a protein produced by microorganisms for food through a fermentation process, if you are allergic to a particular raw material or have a specific constitution, you should check the raw material used. Look to see if the enzyme product contains an allergen, or if it was made together on the manufacturing line that produced it.

Two Tips to Maximize Efficacy of Your Enzyme

1. Enzymes are sensitive to temperature, so it is ideal to mix them with lukewarm water. However, many people mix them into their smoothies or yogurt.  

2. Vitamins have a helpful effect on enzyme efficacy, so taking a multivitamin together may increase the effects.

Team Eunogo Shop Recommends . . . 

Our personal pick is the Denps Hygge Enzyme Active FineWhy Hygge? Hygge (pronounced “Hoo-ga”) is a Danish and Norwegian word for a mood of coziness and comfortable conviviality with feelings of wellness and contentment. It is also the feeling of comfort that Denps, the maker of this digestive enzyme, wanted its customers to feel when they take it after a large, or carb-heavy meal. After all, Denps own logo is inspired by the flag of Denmark ranked the happiest country in the world.

The “Snow Melting” texture of the Denps Hygge Enzyme Active Fine is smooth and dissolves easily. One little packet high content of α-amylase (600,000 units) to help break down carbohydrates and protease (3000 units) to help digest protein and maximize its dietary benefits. It also contains over 50 carefully selected raw materials such as 28 kinds of fruits and vegetables, and 20 types of grains etc. It melts in contact with liquid so it's easy to dissolve in your water and drink after a meal, or pour into your mouth and sip, or even add it to some of your favorite snacks like a yogurt bowl or smoothie. 

What we love is the high content of α-amylase (600,000 units) to help break down carbohydrates and protease (3000 units) to help digest protein and maximize its dietary benefits. Finally, it's pineapple flavored, super yummy to consume! 

How to Use Hygge Enzyme Active Fine

Consume 1-2 sachets a day after a meal, 1 sachet at a time - simple and easy! For a full list of Hygge Enzyme Active Fine ingredients click here.



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