Do you know that having healthy and glowing skin not only comes from a consistent skincare routine but also from within? Research has shown that even though using skin care products such as a moisturizer, serum, and toner may improve the skin’s appearance, diet and lifestyle play significant roles in skin health too. Radiate with self-confidence now with our guide to achieving a healthy skin and body using our inner beauty products!


The Innersil Collagen Shot is a great way to supplement both the body and skin. Peer reviewd studies show that regularly consuming collagen peptides can be an effective way to boost our skin's collagen. The new and improved Innersil Shot is a yummy collagen supplement that comes in a 20ml bottle containing 3,270mg of Fish Collagen Peptide and 1,000% of Biotin based on the percentage of Daily Korean Nutritional Standards and is approved by the Korean Food and Drug Authority. Like collagen, Biotin is another building block for your hair, skin, and nails. And no, there's no "fishy" taste: this product comes in a 5 tropical fruit combination of flavors: Banana, Mango, Guava, Passion Fruit & Orange, making it delicious to consume. Did you also know that the improved Innersil Collagen Shot has already sold more than 4 million units from its first production? Incredible! 



Hygge Enzyme Gold

Eunogo Shop is proud to carry Hygge Enzyme Gold, a digestive enzyme that is smooth and dissolves easily in water. It contains a high content of α-amylase (500,000 units) to help break down carbohydrates and protease (300 units) to help digest protein and maximize its dietary benefits. It also contains a bio complex of 17 different ingredients to diversify your gut microbiome. Simply dissolve in water and drink after a meal or pour into your mouth and sip, or even add it to some of your favorite snacks like a yogurt bowl or smoothie. The best thing about this is it tastes like injeolmi, a Korean dessert! Yummy!

Refer to our Hygge Enzyme Gold Journal for more information here.




Did you know that the earliest recorded use of ginseng in Korea dates back to the early 1000s? Red Ginseng is well-known for helping to increase blood circulation, support immunity, combat fatigue, stimulate mental alertness, and most importantly, it revitalizes our body from an overworked and stressful lifestyle. Korean Red Ginseng has been featured in several K-Dramas such as “True Beauty," as it is culturally common to take daily Red Ginseng supplements in Korea. To get the best quality Red Ginseng, be on the look out for 6 year aged Korean Red Ginseng because that is when it reaches maturity and maximum nutritional and immune benefits.

  1. Studies have shown that Red Ginseng has beneficial antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. 
  2. Could improve brain functions such as memory and mood.
  3. Boost immune system from its potent anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral properties.
  4. Ease fatigue and increase energy level

Refer to our Korean Red Ginseng Journal for more information here.

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We’ve got you covered from digestion, to immune system boost, to collagen boost and now oral care. After all, fresh breath is also inner beauty! Our Antitox 1 Shot Mouthwash is widely popular in Korea and each box comes with 20 packs of mouthwash that are small and convenient to carry. It's a must-have item in your bag that cleans your mouth with its powerful breath-removing effect and special Antitox formula. A great way to care for your oral hygiene on the go.
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