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If you have been following Eunogo Shop for some time you may have seen the store launch of cosmeceutical brand from MifaMoon Clinic in Seoul, iLomys. Team Eunogo Shop is proud to be trusted with Dr. Moon's skincare brand that he developed for over a decade, and excited to share the line with our customers. While iLomys skincare line was developed for clinical use after derma procedures, you can also use iLomys as your daily skincare routine especially if you have a sensitive skin. If you are interested in learning more about Dr. Moon's ideology for the brand, as well as how the ingredients have been painstakingly chosen and curated, you can read our interview with him here.

This journal is for those who need some help choosing the right iLomys product for their skincare routine as well as for anyone who is looking to minimize irritation and strengthen their skin barrier so that their skin's full potential can be achieved.  

Recommended Skincare Routine Using iLomys Skincare 

We recommend starting from beginning to the end of your skincare routine, so we took the time to list these products in their order of use:

First, the iLomys Renew Derm Foam Cleanser can remove makeup and cleanse your face without irritating the skin. Using a "natural surfactant" derived from coconut to ensure that even sensitive skin can use with confidence, the rich and elastic foam maintains moisture and cleanly washes away makeup residues. The same coconut-derived ingredient and Beta-Glucan reduces skin irritation and prevents excess oil from being stripped away and keeps your face microflora balanced. 

After cleansing we highly recommend iLomys Morning Night Dual Essence; there are two serums with a regenerating and brightening "Wake Up Morning Essence" for day time use and a triple Hyaluronic Acid hydration focused "Relax With Night Essence" for night time use. Wake up with a smoother complexion and radiant glow in the morning and keep it going during the day. These two serums work hard to complement one another while keeping your face glowing like the queen that you are.  

When the brand first launched in 2007, their first product and the one they were most confident in was the iLomys best-selling AT Cream. The formula has never changed since its launched, it is a regenerative cream with reduced after-treatment that can be effective in improving stretch marks caused by torn collagen. It is perfect for the face and helps to promote collagen and elastin which are needed to regenerate the skin after stretch marks treatment or laser treatment. Don't forget to use it around your delicate eye area - no need for an extra eye cream!

Next, and as part of your daytime skincare routine, we cannot emphasize this enough but sunscreen is very important! iLomys Renew Derm No.4 Sun Cream SPF50+ PA+++ is a unique 3-in-1 lightweight sunscreen that provides a strong UV protection, hydration and soothing while leaving the skin glowing. Team Eunogo especially recommends this one for customers who are sporty and love being in the water, as it is sweat and water resistant.  

The newcomer to the iLomys lineup of products we love is the Renew-Derm UV Defence BB Cream SPF46 PA++a natural and perfect makeup base and sunblock which carefully conceals the skin's irregularities and flaws. It is a 3-in-1 sunblock which provides three main functions: blocking UV rays (SPF46 PA++), covering blemishes while brightening up skin tone, and providing moisture and nourishments to your skin. If you are looking for more coverage than a basic sunscreen, this one is a keeper. 


 Finally, if you need a boost for your skin's hydration, iLomys Renew Derm Nature Mask pack is recommended to use on dry, stressed, and sensitive skin that requires intensive nutrition. The patented coconut gel-type cellulose in the mask provides a rich soothing effect, so it's perfect to use and care for aging process, providing nutrition and smooth skin texture by clearing dead skin cells. What's more, it contains EGF (epidermal growth factor), a nanosized skin regeneration factor, and active ingredients like hydrolyzed collagen, peony extract, allantoin, and panthenol to keep the skin smooth and plump. With 30ml of essence inside each mask pack, we think it may hold a record for "most essence in a sheet mask"!

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