Korean Glass Skin: A Home Skincare Routine with Products used by Korean Skin Clinics!

Joy, CEO and Co-Founder of Eunogo, shared her Korean Glass Skin skincare routine consisting of medical aesthetic products used by many skin clinics in Seoul, South Korea.


Following the success of our Korean Glass Skin video, which has amassed over 145,000 views on YouTube, I thought I'd recap on and share the Korean Glass Skin routine in writing on our Beauty Journal. 

If you haven't seen the video, check it out here:


What is Glass Skin?

Before we get into each step, let's talk about glass skin. What exactly is glass skin? Some people think glass skin is just the shine from oily skin, but that's not true. Glass skin should be glowing and radiant from within. In order to achieve that, your skin has to be healthy, and hydrated. How you achieve glass skin depends on your current skin condition. I live in a very humid weather, which makes it easy for my pores to enlarge and get oily. At the same time, I'm under air-conditioning a lot, so the inside my skin dries out very quickly. For me to achieve glass skin, my skin issues to tackle are pore control, hydration and skin brightening.

You'll need to understand your skin condition well to begin. If you are unsure about your own skin type and what kind of skincare routine you should have in order to achieve a glass skin, you can always reach out to our skincare concierge on Instagram @eunogoshop. For those of you who have similar skin concerns of pore control, hydration and skin brightening, read on!

Step 1: Cleansing Balm

I start double cleansing by using a cleansing balm from Banila Co. Banila Co. is not a medical brand, but I enjoy this product because it works well, is very affordable and very gentle.

Step 2: Foaming Wash

After using the cleansing balm, I use the Purifying Foaming Wash from OxygenCeuticals. This brand is used by many Korean dermatology clinics and it's a Korean brand. I like this foaming wash because it cleanses out the pores and it's very gentle. 

Step 3: Toner

After cleansing, I use the OxygenCeuticals Cryogenic Activator which is a toner and also a mist. It helps balance the skin as well as helps the skin to absorb the ampoules and essences better. It also cleanses the pores once more, is very hydrating and it smells neutral. During the day, I also use this as a mist, especially when I'm under the air-conditioning, to keep my skin hydrated.

Step 4: Eye Cream

Next, I use the PAL-RGD Firming Eye Cream from Cellcure. This eye cream is from Korea and I got it as part of the recommendations after doing the Machine Skin Analysis. For eye cream, gently massage it in the eyes area as well as under eyebrows.

Step 5: Ampoule

Remember how one of my skin concerns was skin tone brightening? I use the Glutathione Ampoule from OxygenCeuticals, as the main function of this product is skin brightening. If you are familiar with whitening injections or brightening injections in Korea, you'll know that the main ingredient in those injections is glutathione. This ingredient is supposed to reduce the production of melanin in our skin and helps our skin tone to become brighter, which is why it's used by many skin clinics for whitening injections or IVNT.

Apply the ampoule all over your face, as well as your next, so there's no difference in skin tone over time. The ampoule is very light, yet hydrating. As the ampoule is highly concentrated, I use it on a weekly basis. I also add a little massage on the V-line to help tackle double chin because as you age, your skin along your jawline starts to sag. You can also use a roller to massage the muscles on your face, which relaxes the muscles and helps your skin absorb the nutrients better.

Step 6: Essence

Finally, we're on my favourite step, essence. The Skin Barrier Fluid is like the secret to glass skin, because it gives the right amount of hydration to the skin and it's not too heavy or oily. The Skin Barrier Fluid gives your skin radiance, and surprisingly, the radiance lasts at least four to five hours. It also smells really good and it's supposed to help tighten your pores, and rejuvenate tired skin. After I apply the essence, you can see that my skin starts to shine, yet it doesn't feel oily or heavy.

It's very easy to neglect neck care when we do our skincare routine. Remember that the neck is one of the areas that shows signs of aging very quickly, so always remember to massage the area as well with the skincare products you use for your face.

After the essence step, you'll already start to notice a dewy, glass skin effect. Here's a tip: if you have combination or oily skin, make sure the products are fully absorbed between the each layer. Otherwise, your pores can get clogged easily.

Step 7: Tone Up Cream

It's time to brighten up the skin tone of the entire face as a whole. The Glutathione ToneUp Cream from OxygenCeuticals comes in a set with the Glutathione Ampoule. These two products work together to maximize the effects of skin tone brightening. Apply a little bit all over the face and gently massage it in. For this Glutathione ToneUp Cream, I use it on a daily basis, both morning and night.

Step 8: Mist

After all the previous steps are done, I mist with the Cryogenic Activator to wrap up the routine. At the end of the routine, my skin is much more radiant and glowy, and it also feels really good even if it's the first time you're trying it out.


If you keep at it for a few months and make it a habit, you can see a dramatic change in the skin tone, pores, and general skin radiance. Even under natural sunlight, my skin doesn't look oily or heavy, and the routine added a natural glow and radiant complexion to the skin.

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