Skincare Ingredient Spotlight: Caviar

Most people think of caviar as a luxurious food item: wildly pricy and to be enjoyed on special occasions.  But some Korean skincare brands have started harnessing caviar’s anti-aging and nutritional properties to give your face and neck a beautiful boost. Team Eunogo prepared a short primer on how you have caviar on a daily basis, as a little luxury for your skin. Let’s get started:

Why is Caviar Good for Your Skin?

Let’s start by saying what we are all thinking - these are just fish eggs, right?  Well, yes!  But these are also the building blocks of life (for fish, anyway). So we have to look at the inherent properties of each caviar bead and what kind of components make them beneficial for topical skincare use. One of the main components in caviar is arginine, a primary building block of proteins, which plays a pivotal role in cell division, the healing of wounds as well as immune function. The other properties of caviar that make it a superb moisturizing ingredient are Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, which also help with skin elasticity and collagen production.  In short, these little fish eggs pack a punch!


Why Is Caviar Becoming Popular in Skincare?

Caviar has been used by upscale Swiss skincare companies since the late 1980s but the true benefits and potential of caviar as a skincare ingredient hadn’t been unlocked until recent technological innovations. A study conducted in 2012 indicated that when caviar is mixed with an antioxidant it can boost the skin’s cellular structure.  Nowadays, serums with caviar essence and even beads of actual caviar can firm and lift with continued and regular use, as well as improve the overall texture of skin.  

A quick tip: check the ingredient list of the products you are using to confirm that it does, indeed, contain caviar or caviar essence. Some brands use the word “caviar” to attract your attention and make their product appear more luxurious, when in fact, it contains no caviar at all.  In an ideal world, the beauty brand has also listed the percentage of the product that contains caviar or its essence.  For example, this Age Defying Caviar Cream contains 12% caviar!


Should You Try It?

We know you may be tempted to slather and indulge but please remember that this is, after all, a marine-based product.  If you have an allergy to fish or marine proteins this is one to avoid. Once you’ve received your caviar skincare, as usual we recommend that you do a patch test on your skin with any new skincare product or ingredient. Once your little patch test gives you the “all clear,” go on and treat yourself!  

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