Yourfit by Whom Custom Ampoules: A Beginner's Guide

Have you been eyeing the Yourfit by Whom Custom Ampoules but not sure where to start? Team Eunogo has you covered! We’re here to break it down for you so you can make an educated #Skinvestment. Let’s get started:

What is the Theory Behind the Yourfit Brand?

MJ Shin, the founder of Yourfit by Whom, worked at Amore Pacific, a giant holding company for major K-beauty brands like Laneige and Innisfree until 2015. When she left, she had a vision for a brand of cosmetics that fit each individual's skin, and with that, Yourfit by Whom was born. Yourfit's ultimate goal is a world where smart cosmetics are consumed solely for the benefit of your skin, without relying on advertising or word of mouth.



What’s the Difference Between an Ampoule and a Serum?

A serum is used as the step after applying toner but before moisturizing, and has a concentrated formula with a lightweight consistency. An ampoule is a version of serum but usually with a higher concentration of one ingredient, making it easier to target a specific skin concern. Most people are familiar with a serum as part of their regular skincare routine. But where does an ampoule fit into the equation? You can use the ampoule after cleansing and applying toner (if you do) and before applying your serum. These products may be layered one after the other, just be sure to allow for maximum absorption before proceeding to the next step.   

What Does Each Ampoule Do?

All of the ampoules help target specific skin concerns, and contain patented ingredients and peptides (natural botox effect) to help enhance your skin condition, firmness and further vitality. Each ampoule is also lightly perfumed with natural oil aroma and is tested by dermatologists to be irritation-free.

  • Age-Correcting (Red): Firming, anti-wrinkle and fine lines using Adenosine, Niacinamide and Peptides.  MJ Shin, founder of Yourfit, highly recommends this ampoule for anyone in their mid-30s and above.  
  • Brightening (White): Skin tone brightening, lightening spots and pigmentation using a high Niacinamide concentration, aided by Vaccinium Vitis-Idaea and Origanum Vulgare Leaf Extracts.
  • Revitalizing (Orange): Energizes tired and dull skin, giving your skin dewiness utilizing Copper Tripeptide, Acetyl Hexapeptide-8, Adenosine and Citrus Aurantium Dulcis (Orange) Fruit Extract.  
  • Relieve N Power (Green): Soothing and calming dry/sensitive skin, especially after dermatological procedures. This will also help to sustain and maximize the effects of any skin treatments you do. The Green ampoule is also a favorite with pregnant and breastfeeding clients as it harnesses the power of purely botanical extracts such as Paeonia Suffruticosa Root, Eucalyptus Globulus Leaf, and Pulsatilla Koreana.
  • Sebum Control (Purple): Controls sebum, reduces shine. Great for acne-prone and/or oily/combination using the power of Morus Alba Bark Extract and tripeptides.  
  • Rescue Skin (Blue): Slows down premature aging and gives the skin a glow.  MJ recommends this one for those in their early 20s to early 30s who want to boost their anti-aging game early on.  Adenosine, tripeptides, Vaccinium Vitis-Idaea and Centella Asiatica round out this little powerhouse ampoule.

Find a full list of ingredients here.

Should I Use the Ampoule as a Spot Treatment?

You absolutely can!  We like using these as either spot treatment or all over their face and neck. The beauty of these ampoules is that you can pick and choose whether you want to use the Purple Sebum Control around that “time of the month” all over your face or just on your T-Zone area. The White (Brightening) ampoule works wonders on hyperpigmentation and overall complexion. You can use it under her eyes to help avoid that tired panda look. Red and Blue ampoules can be used all over the face or just along the areas where you have some fine lines developing. There is no limit to the combinations suitable for each person.  

Can I Combine Two Different Ampoules to Use Together?

Yes! You can use one during your morning routine and one at night. You will notice some of the kits combine only two kinds ampoules that work well together to produce results. So, for example, you could use a Green in the morning and the Orange at night.  

How to Use

Please remember that this product comes in medical-grade sealed bottles with an airtight seal until it is opened. Because these ampoules do not contain any preservatives, they must be used immediately and within a week and-a-half of opening.  Don’t worry, although it may seem like a small amount, the high concentration of active ingredients makes them highly effective. We’ve included a handy video guide on how to open your Yourfit by Whom customized ampoule here:

Once you’ve put the cap on the glass bottle you can turn the ampoule upside down and give the white cap a gentle squeeze to release a few drops of product.