[Updated June 27 2023] 5 Step Korean Skincare Routine for Beginners: Oily Skin Edition

Here at Eunogo Shop, we know how confusing it can be to come up with a whole new skincare routine, especially when there are so many steps involved. In this article, we've curated a handy skincare routine for those with oily skin type:

Step 1: Cleansing

While it is common for many K-beauty routines to include double cleansing (one oil-based cleanser/balm to remove makeup and one water based foam/gel), we consider cleansing collectively as Step One. Our recommendation is the OxygenCeuticals Pore Mask, a foamy face cleanser with oxygen bubbles. It reaches deep into pores boosting out dirt & oils with its soft, rich foam. Micro bubbles containing oxygen and lavender oil gently remove dead skin cells and wastes deep in the pores and brighten your skin.

Eunogo Shop’s Pick: OxygenCeuticals Pore Mask Facial Cleanser

Step 2: Exfoliation

Did you know that our skin cells have a turnover cycle of 28 days? That makes it so important to exfoliate the dead skin off your face and let the new cells celebrate their glow up! Team Eunogo recommends one that can deep cleanse impurities and makeup residues that can clog pores and make skin dull, without any irritation. Exfoliate 2 times per week for oily skin to help increase both your glow, slough off unnecessary dead layers, and increase the absorption of your follow-up skincare steps. 

Eunogo Shop’s Pick: BEIGIC Correcting Exfoliator

Alternatively, instead of using the BEIGIC Correcting Exfoliator, you may choose to indulge in a unique home spa session with the Antitox Spa Clean Bubble Mask that deep cleanse your pores and control oil production while simultaneously keeping your skin moist and supple with hyaluronic acid.

Eunogo Shop’s Pick: Antitox Spa Clean Bubble Mask

Step 3: Toner

Gone are the days when toner used to be astringent and strip your face of all the oils your skin needs to regulate sebum. Welcome to the modern age of toners, where we use them to calm our skin, give it extra hydration, and even help prime your face so that makeup sets more beautifully! Our favorite toner for oily skin is the Ceramine Dual Balance Solution Toner that helps to normalize the skin condition by lowering the skin temperature and adjusting pH to slightly acidic = healthy skin.

Eunogo Shop’s Pick: Ceramine Dual Balance Solution Toner

Step 4: Serum

Now that you’ve given your skin all the nourishment and attention that it deserves, lock in the moisture and all those ingredients with a hydrating cream! When searching for an excellent moisturizer for oily skin, keep Hyaluronic Acid (“HA”) in mind as a key ingredient. If you don’t already know, Hyaluronic Acid’s main job is to hydrate, hydrate, and then hydrate some more! Team Eunogo recommends an HA based cream to seal the deal.

Eunogo Shop’s Pick: OxygenCeuticals Moisture Aqua Serum

Step 5: SPF

If there is one step you cannot, and we mean CANNOT skip, it is applying sunscreen on a daily basis. You can read more about it here but please take our word for it: SPF is indispensable. For combination skin Team Eunogo recommends the Rovectin tinted sunscreen that has a velvet finish and gives a tone-up look to your complexion without any white cast. 

Eunogo Shop’s Picks:

Rovectin Anti-Irritant UV Defense Tinted SPF 50+ PA+++ (Tinted Sunscreen)


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