What Is USOLAB - The top-rated Korean post-procedure skincare brand by dermatologists

In the world of K-Beauty, many brands are more known for consumers directly. However, there are also K-Beauty products made for professional uses and widely distributed to aesthetics and clinics. Introducing USOLAB, one of the top-rated Korean post-procedure skincare brand recommended by dermatologists worldwide. USOLAB stands for "You're So Beautiful + Laboratory", it is a cosmeceutical brand based in Korea that manufactures and supplies products to over 1,000 dermatologists, plastic surgery clinics and aesthetics in South Korea and beyond. USOLAB, which has its own R&D center and manufacturing facilities, continuously conducts research and development and designs innovation. 

Our curation team at Eunogo Shop decided to bring USOLAB to consumers directly to use professional skincare at the comfort of our own home. USOLAB offers a wide range of skincare based on their main functions and ingredients; Repair Line with PDRN, Moisture Line with Hyaluronic Acid, Calming Line with Vitamin K for Sensitive Skin or post-procedure, Purifying Line for Acne and so on. Now, let’s dive in to each of their collection and main target of audience. 

USOLAB’s repair line targets damaged and mature skin, and they are also suitable for post-procedure use especially after a laser/microneedling treatment when your skin is extremely sensitive and inflamed. Repair line products promote skin regeneration, boost collagen production, and improve wrinkles. The main ingredient found in the repair line is PDRN (Sodium DNA) known to work wonders on anti-aging benefits. 

USOLAB Bio Intensive Repair Cream

USOLAB Bio Renaturation Repair Set

USOLAB Bio Renaturation PDRN Calming Mask Pack (1box/10ea)

Moving on, USOLAB's moisture line targets all skin types especially dry and sensitive skin. Similarly, they are also suitable for use after post-procedure to soothe and moisturize the skin. Hyaluronic Acid, found in all of their moisture line products, are known to have the ability to moisture the skin and strengthen the skin barrier.

USOLAB Bio Moisturizing Hyaluron Mask (1box/10ea)

There is another collection that offers several skincare products for special care, such as eye cream, sleeping mask, sunblock, retinol cream etc. Check out what’s available on Eunogo Shop below.

USOLAB Bio Advanced Lightening Eye Cream


When it comes to cleansers, USOLAB offers Oatmeal Enzyme Powder Wash which is targeted for customers with the most sensitive skin. It effectively removes SPF and light makeup without a need for double cleansing for extra sensitive skin.  

USOLAB Soft Oatmeal Enzyme Powder Wash

Last but not the least, their K collection offers skincare with a key ingredient known as “vitamin K” and these products are often recommended by dermatologists around the world for post-procedure care due to the benefits that vitamin K provides. 

USOLAB Bio Intensive K Cream (50ML)

USOLAB Bio Premium K Ampoule



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