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Pure Natural Multi 4-Layer Cotton Pad (60ea)


Pure Natural Multi Cotton Pads uses 100% pure cotton to minimize skin irritation for sensitive skin. It uses high-pressure purified water to remove oil from natural cotton that in a far more eco-friendly manufacturing process than previous chemical methods. It is reliable as it does NOT contain: formaldehyde, fluorescent whitening agent/bleach, synthetic perfume, and synthetic coloring.

Each cotton pad has 4 layers: 1 clean mesh texture and 3 smooth texture. Use the mesh textured side with toner to cleanse with cleansing water, makeup remover or toner or to gently physically exfoliate your face using toner when it's needed. Use the smooth side to apply toner or ampoule or you can also create a quick 2-minute sheet mask with your favorite toner to give your face extra hydration. 


Suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin, pregnant and breastfeeding mommies.  

  • 1 box (60ea) 
  • Each pad has 4 layers (70 x 50mm)

How to Use

  1. For general use: Wet the smooth side of cotton pad with your daily toner or ampoule and gently wipe your skin. 
  2. For removing makeup: Wet cotton pads with Double Makeup Remover, leave them over eyes and lip makeup for 15-20 seconds before gently wiping off.
  3. For mild exfoliation: Wet the mesh side of the cotton pad with Ceramine Dual-Balance Vegan Toner (for all skin types) or Pure Energy ClCA+ Toner (for acne skin) and gently rub full face especially T-Zone.
  4. For Toner Pack: Wet several single layers of smooth side of cotton pads with Ceramine Dual-Balance Vegan Toner (for all skin types) or Pure Energy ClCA+ Toner (for acne skin) and put them all over your face and rest for 2-5 minutes. It creates instant hydration!  

          Full Ingredients

          100% cotton


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