My Korean Facial Experience in Singapore

Searching for a quality K-beauty facial in Singapore? Joy Kang from EunogoShop shares her review.

I've been searching for a place to get a good Korean facial in Singapore especially since it's difficult to travel back to Seoul now like I used to. What I realized is that many aesthetics and clinics that claim to be "Korean" or use "Korean technology" do not really use popular machines or products that are actually used widely in Seoul of South Korea. When I found Cheongdam Skin Management, I was thrilled to see their skincare programs and various kinds of machines which I've tried before in some of our verified clinics in Gangnam, Seoul.

We at Eunogo try the products and programs ourselves as part of the verification process before we introduce it on to our platform (which is one of the perks of working at Eunogo!). So here I am to experience a K-Beauty facial, right here in Singapore.

The Spa

Cheongdam Korean Skin Management is the first MediSpa to bring Korean skin management concept and technology to Singapore. English, Bahasa and Chinese speaking staff are available at the spa. They have two outlets: one in Tanjong Pagar and one in Novena. The Tanjong Pagar outlet is their first branch, which is located in a cute and trendy Korean neighbourhood packed with colorful shophouses. It is surrounded by Instagrammable cafes and Korean restaurants. The Novena outlet is located inside a mall and is more spacious than the one in Tanjong Pagar. Both outlets maintain a consistent quality and offer the same programs and machines. I chose the Tanjong Pagar branch as it was more convenient for me.


The Facial

I got the 3 MediSkin Machine Facial, which is Cheongdam's signature introductory program for first-time customers. This program takes about 1.5 to 2 hours including a machine skin analysis and consultation. After the skin analysis, we get to select 3 of its 10 different machine facial programs which include Aqua Peel, CryoCell, Vitamin C treatment and many more. This is a perfect program to get to understand our skin condition better and try out different types of facial programs that are customized based on our skin condition.

Consultation & Skin Analysis 

It started with filling out the consultation form which was very detailed. It asked about my daily skincare routine, types of products I am using for each step, as well as my skin concerns. After filling out the form, my aesthetician took me to a private room to get my skin analysis done. The skin analysis machine is also brought in from Korea, and it checked up the different areas of my face such as the forehead, cheeks, and nose. And for each area, it shows the conditions of my pores, oiliness, redness, sensitivity and hydration level.

If you're already knowledgeable about your skin condition, I would say that there shouldn't be anything surprising or new. However, this process assured me that my aesthetician understands my skin conditions and problems before she starts the treatment. This is also a great reminder for me to take care of my skin better. Seeing how my pores were getting enlarged and were clogged with all the dirt and oil through the screen definitely gave me a much-needed wake up call!

Treatment Steps 

#1 Double Cleanse 

A good facial should always start with good cleansing. My aesthetician spent at least 7-10 minutes on deep cleansing using multiple OxygenCeuticals products which are used by over 500 skin clinics in South korea. After cleansing, I was presented with a facial menu. Based on my skin analysis, she recommended 3 programs: Oxygen Scaling for pore vacuuming and cleansing, Ultrasound Therapy for deep skin hydration and Astro Dome Mask for strengthening the skin barrier and immune system. I knew I definitely needed pore vacuuming and cleansing, but I'm used to getting an Aqua Peel for that in Korea. I asked my aesthetician whether the Oxygen Scaling or Aqua Peel is more suitable for my skin, and she recommended the Oxygen Scaling as I have sensitive skin.

#2 Pore Mask 

Pore mask is the first step before Oxygen Scaling as it deeply cleanses the dirts in my pores first. It was bubbly and super smooth. The smell was also pleasant and very relaxing. I was also told that I could do this at home by mixing the Pore Mask Facial Cleanser and Cryogenic Activator together which will create creamy bubbles. The pore mask was left on for another 10 minutes until I was ready for the next step!

#3 Oxygen Scaling 

This was the first machine treatment of the 3 MediSkin Machine Facial. Oxygen Scaling helps to clean and unclog pores and is suitable for sensitive skin. I think the actual machine treatment of Oxygen Scaling took about 15 minutes. It felt really nice and cooling on my skin. After this step was done on left side of my face, I could immediately see that the left side of my face was brighter and more refreshed, and swelling has also gone down.

#4 Ultrasound Therapy 


Based on my skin analysis, my skin was overall very dry and was in need of deep moisturization. Ultrasound Therapy helps hydrating ingredients to go deeper into the skin layer. The aesthetician mixed my customized serum that could hydrate my skin while calming it down since I have a sensitive skin. She added that it's a perfect mix for dry but oily and very sensitive skin like mine. After applying the serum, she started the ultrasound therapy which was super relaxing for another 10 minutes. After that, she gave me a massage with good pressure to relax my facial muscles. The whole process was so relaxing that I almost fell asleep.

#5 Astro Dome Mask 

The final program was the Astro Dome Mask which is known to be the first LPE (light pulsed energy) therapy in the world that has NIR (near infrared) and anion plus oxygen mist spraying system. The combination of LPE therapy, NIR and anion mist allows deep penetration into the dermis layer, providing various benefits for cell renewal and improving skin complexion. My aesthetician first gently applied a new serum on my face. Again, the serum was a combination of various OxygenCeuticals products customized to my skin condition. When I got inside of the Astro Dome, I first smelled cucumber. Pure oxygen was so fresh so I kept inhaling it. My aesthetician told me it must be the smell of ions, but that everyone perceives a different smell. Some smell candy, others leaves, for me it was like cucumber. I was in the Astro Dome for about 15 minutes.

As the final step, toner, cream and sunscreen were applied and it was all done. I felt so pampered and relaxed that I did not want to leave!


My Final Thoughts 

It was overall very satisfying. The facial was customized based on my skin conditions and needs and my aesthetician was very professional and friendly. I had so many questions on every step and she patiently answered all my questions. Machines and products they use were the ones that I see in many Korean clinics in Seoul. After the facial, my skin was very smooth, hydrated and brightened. The results were sustained over a week. Unlike injectables which last over 3-6 months, facials need to be done more regularly if you want to maintain the results and improve the skin in the long term. Cheongdam recommends getting a facial every 1-2 weeks, which would be very nice. But realistically if you have a busy lifestyle, I would say once a month will be a sufficient investment for our skin.

More Info?

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